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We’re looking for recipes from our bake sale hosts. I’m always asking hosts- What was your best seller and can we have the recipe? I think often because chocolate chip cookie is the ultimate-best-selling-ruler-of-bake-sales, hosts are a little shy to write back with the recipe from the back of the chocolate chip package! But yesterday, a host wrote me back with a simple, yummy recipe to share with one and all. . .she also told her bake sale story. . .

It’s through work that Kathryn Gould of Colorado knows the Geraghty family, whose daughter is currently battling cancer. After witnessing the brave fight and the intense stress the family was going through, all Kathryn needed was a newspaper article about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer to know she was ready to get involved. As she said on her bake sale registration, “I read the article and decided to jump right in.”

Kathryn and her family set up a bake sale in their front yard, and in the meantime, fellow co-workers arranged for the Geraghty’s to receive a special visit from Santa while in the hospital because their young warrior’s biggest fear was that Santa would not be able to find her in the hospital. While the Gould’s raised awareness and funds, her team made sure spirits stayed high for the Geraghty’s. And with each donation, together we get closer to new and improved treatments for kids battling cancer. An amazing bit of hope for a day’s work.

But back to the recipe. . .it’s pretty amazing, too.

Oreo Bites

1 package Oreo cookies (lowfat works)
1 block cream cheese (lower fat Neufchatel works)
bark coating or white chocolate chips

Mash, process, blend or otherwise reduce the Oreo cookies to dust. Mix the block of cream cheese with the cookie crumbs until it forms a big ball (hands work best for this). Refrigerate for one hour. Remove the Oreo/cream cheese mixture from the fridge and using your hands, pinch off enough of the “dough” to roll into a 1 inch ball. Repeat using all the dough. Using a double boiler, melt bark coating or white chocolate chips, then drop the cookie balls into the melted chocolate and coat well. Once covered, place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Let dry. Note: white chocolate chips are the healthier option but will require refrigeration to harden. When the coating is dry, eat and enjoy!

We hope you will show your love this Valentine’s through Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Send our delicious, all-natural cookies instead of flowers.  . .they taste as good to eat as they feel to give, plus your gift truly goes toward saving lives.

Host a bake sale. Donate online. Order cookies. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

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