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Who is a bake sale host?

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13,000 children a year are diagnosed with a pediatric cancer. The average survival rate for pediatric cancers is merely 25%. Funding from the government and pharmaceutical companies is limited.

Far too often, it becomes the mission and responsibility of the families of pediatric cancer patients to carry the weight of raising funds while caring for their warrior child. With that heavy burden and the enormous need for funding in mind, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer gives people everywhere the opportunity to share the responsibility of funding research studies, clinical trials and treatments that will lead to what everyone wants most – a cure.

At Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, we want to take all the hard, scary facts of pediatric cancer and make them a little less scary by spreading a little sweetness to people everywhere while raising money for the cause. All we need are people who are willing to give it a try. . .

People like the fireman  who is organizing a Cookies for Kids’ Cancer pub crawl in Manhattan to raise money.

People like the Boy Scout who is organizing a Cookies for Kids’ Cancer cookie sale as part of his Eagle Scout project.

People like the financial advisor in San Francisco who sold leftover Halloween candy at work just this Monday to raise some research funds while getting rid of all the sweet temptations.

People like the sisters in Texas who are hosting a no-bake sale making their family’s beloved no-bake ooey-gooey cookies by the dozen for friends to purchase at Thanksgiving.

People like YOU, with gifts and talents and creativity, are the bake sale hosts who will realize the perfect way you can help the cause of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Perhaps it will be a bake sale or a yard sale – a large event or small gathering – $20 or $2000 that you will donate or help raise to make a difference in the world of pediatric cancer. No matter what you do, every minute you commit and dollar you donate matters and makes a difference.

In the coming weeks, the number one way to support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is to order a box or two of our delicious gourmet cookies, beautifully packaged and shipped to you or to loved ones or to colleagues this holiday seson.

More than 80% of the cost of each box will go directly toward funding research projects. Last year, 96,000 cookies were sold raising $400,000 to move research for a significant pediatric cancer treatment forward. This year, we plan to keep the momentum going. Simply click “Buy Cookies” while at the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer website and order a box. Then, tell your friends and family about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

This season’s holiday cookie sale success will be all about people like YOU.

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