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Election Day Bake Sales – Time for Change

Filed under: Uncategorized — The Good Cookies @ 8:58 am November 3, 2008

On the eve of what is undoubtedly an historic presidential election, our nation can look ahead knowing the winds of change are blowing. No matter your candidate, no matter your political affiliation, every four years the citizens of our country have the opportunity to be agents of change, simply by standing in line and casting a vote for president.

It seems only fitting then that Cookies for Kids’ Cancer launched during this season of change. If there is one ideal we stand for, it is change. We want to change people’s understanding of children’s cancer. We want people to know every year 13,000 children are diagnosed with childhood-specific cancers that lack appropriate funding to find a cure. We want people to know the harsh long-term side effects of the available treatments for these children. We want people to take notice and join us in the fight to change the funding, to change the treatments, to change the outcome. We want cures.

Just a month ago, late one night while brainstorming how to spread the word about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, Gretchen wrote the words Election Day Bake Sales and we knew it had to happen. What other moment in our national consciousness are we more aware of change than while standing in line to vote for the next President? What other audience of concerned citizens can we spread our message to more effectively than those waiting in line to vote?

We had a vision for bake sales at polling places, all across our great country. Beautiful spreads of baked goods, tempting those waiting in line and driving home the message of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. And then we started recruiting people, one state at a time. From California to Florida, Texas to Ohio, red states and blue states started signing up to have large or small bake sales on Election Day.

We added an extra twist, just for fun, by encouraging our hosts to create America’s Sweetest Exit Poll. We are hoping the donors will share their Presidential vote by selecting items with either red or blue ribbons or frosting or sprinkles. We wonder if our Cookies map will look like the Electoral College map. We cannot wait to see the support for change from all corners of our great nation.

Tomorrow is a big day for our nation and a big day for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. We believe it is an inalienable right of our citizens to vote, to have hope, to believe in change for the better. We also believe that at bake sales across the country, we will be spreading that hope in change for a better tomorrow by raising the much-needed funds to support pediatric cancer research.

As you cast your vote tomorrow, look for a Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bake sale in your area. If you cannot find one, please consider making an online donation to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and tell us your vote for change. We believe in change. . .we hope you will join us.

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