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Filed under: childhood cancer research — The Good Cookies @ 10:58 pm December 17, 2008

As you are sitting around waiting, mouth watering, for your order from Cookies for Kids’ Cancer to arrive at your doorstep, don’t think for a second you’ll be getting just a package of cookies zip-tied in cellophane like you find in the cookie aisle any old day at the grocery store.

On the contrary, your cookie delivery experience will be quite different from opening a bag of vanilla wafers. When you receive your gourmet holiday cookies, inside your outer shipping box will be a brown kraft box, tied with a beautiful green grosgrain ribbon. Once the ribbon is untied, opening the kraft box reveals a dozen gourmet cookies, packaged in a cellophane tube, sealed with a Cookies for Kids’ Cancer logo sticker and nestled safely in crinkle packing paper.

You aren’t just receiving cookies from Cookies. . .you are receiving a gift package, hand selected by the founders Cookies with the help of the amazing people at Uline – our official shipping supply company and employer of one of CFKC’s best cookies – Katie Iannacchino.

Not only did Katie (aka the Uline Angel) and the great support of Uline make last year’s Great Holiday Cookie Sale a packaging success, they helped make the Lord & Taylor cookie sale a hit with cool packagine and are supporting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer again with beautiful supplies for this year’s cookie sale.

But the story of Uline does not stop with pretty packaging. . .the Allentown, PA office of Uline recently held their own Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bake sale. In just a few hours of cookie sales, Uline employees raised $345 to donate to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Every item was priced at a dollar but many gave more – just to give to the cause.

The pictures tell the story of the Uline event – the poster announcing the bake sale, the donation jar and goodies, the pictures of Liam that bring to life the real kid behind this extraordinary movement and of course, the people at Uline, making a donation in exchange for baked goods. . . Uline isn’t just a sponsor for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer – Uline brings the logo to life, makes your gift a thing of beauty and simply cheers Cookies on in every sense of the word. Uline doesn’t just provide materials. . .Uline is the complete package.

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