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Thanksgiving To Us

Filed under: childhood cancer research — The Good Cookies @ 3:41 pm November 23, 2017

It was 10 years ago this week that my husband Larry shared this message on Thanksgiving day from our family.

It is impossible to believe how much has changed in the time since – and how much remains the same. The most glaring change from that day: we are facing our 7th Thanksgiving without the physical presence of our Liam. That seems unimaginable – unfathomable – and impossible that we’ve survived this long with such broken hearts. But his spirit is with us each and every day. We feel it in the moments of meeting someone new, of discovering beauty in nature, of learning something we knew nothing about before. His spirit carries us through the darkest moments and reminds us of life’s simplest joys. We remain thankful for these gifts.

As Larry describes in the post, Ella’s joy and love continue to carry us forward as she blossoms into a young woman we are both delighted to know and proud to call our own. Her passion for horses – born out of the recommendation of a grief counselor back in 2011 to help her reckon with the loss of her brother – is a love we will follow wherever it takes, from weekend rides to national competitions.

But the thing that most strikingly remains the same ten years later is our call to action. We had no idea on that Thanksgiving 10 years ago that we would go on to launch a national non-profit, bearing the same name as that holiday cookie drive. We had no idea at that moment that our dream to sell all our cookies that holiday would exceed all expectations. And we had no idea of the support that would come from YOU – those reading this post right now – in the decade since that has led to nearly $15 million in research funding (and counting).

Despite heartbreak and loss, we remain thankful – for you, for your support, for your love of Liam and our family, and most importantly for your shared love of ALL children of the world. And, inspired by your support, we remain laser focused on doing all we can to raise awareness and funds for new research to help beat back the #1 disease killer of children in our country. But we cannot do this alone. We still ask – go to our website, still to send cookies OR to register to host an event this holiday season. We ask that you give in honor of all the children – both the healthy ones you know and the ones fighting for their lives in battles they shouldn’t face.

We have so much to share – so much lies ahead for the organization and for research. And we wouldn’t want to do it without you by our sides.

With gratitude and hope,

Gretchen, Larry, Ella & always in the spirit of Liam

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