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How to Host a Pint Challenge

Filed under: community fundraising ideas,corporate fundraising — Tags: — The Good Cookies @ 6:12 pm October 9, 2015

Hosting your own Pint Challenge is a great way to get the community involved in raising funds for pediatric cancer research! Not everyone can be America’s next Betty Crocker and make enough treats to host a bake sale, without the fear of burning down the kitchen – some members of our team included! That’s why we are so excited about the idea to host a Pint Challenge because you don’t need to go near a bag of flour to make a difference.

Go to as soon as you decide to host an event

We want you to register so that we can provide you with personalized help to make organizing your event as easy as possible!

Reach out to local breweries (or wineries)

Ask as many local venues if they want to Be A Good Cookie and donate a portion of a certain beer or wine to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Check out the templates on our website for how to ask a business to get involved.

Promote your event

Now it’s time to brag about your event to all of your friends, family, and community! Make sure that everyone knows about the Good Cookie brewery or winery and that they are ready to drink during the Challenge days.

Drink for a cause!

Now, wasn’t that easier than breaking out the flour and eggs?