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Greetings, Good Cookies!

Ah, September: A three-day weekend to wrap up summer. Back to school. First day of fall. Maybe even some early musings about the perfect Halloween costume. Nice. Did you know that the ninth month of the year is also Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month? In the midst of all the usual happy firsts in September, over 1000 children will be diagnosed with cancer. That’s 1000 families whose lives are turned upside down in an instant and who must suddenly face difficult treatments and odds no parent should have to confront. The question: How can we find a cure? The answer: Raise funds for research. It’s actually that simple.

What you can do today:

Come clean. Now through October 15, 100% of proceeds from Philosophy’s amazing Oatmeal Raisin Shower Gel go straight to pediatric cancer research. Stock up today to treat your favorite mom-buddies, teachers, babysitters, anyone to whom you might want to show some love. Purchase at

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

Search, shop and earn. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer was featured as the Charity of the Day on and on Saturday, September 19th. Exciting, right? But what does that mean? Well, is a Yahoo-powered search engine with a Good Cookie twist. GoodSearch is designed to make a donation to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer each time you do a search once you designate Cookies as the cause to support.

And, when you do all of your online shopping through, a percentage of each order will be donated to us (you don’t pay anything extra!)! Hundreds of great stores have teamed up with GoodShop and every time you place an order, you’ll be supporting us!

Sound Good enough? Simply download the toolbar today to know you are supporting Cookies every time you search the Internet:

Check your calendar. Draw a big, cheerful red circle around a free weekend in November or December and organize a bake sale. Start planning now with tips and tools from the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer website.

Make a list. Check it twice. To whom should you mail a dozen of our scrumptious cookies? Holiday cookie packages are what started it all at Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, and they’re still a vital part of our search for a cure. Spread the word to friends, neighbors, co-workers, everyone you know. Bonus points for suggesting Cookies as a scrumptious source for corporate or client gifts, if you know anyone who makes those decisions. Sweeten the deal for them with a reminder that Cookies is an officially IRS-recognized 501c3 organization; purchases are deductible as allowed by law. Go to for more information.


Meet: Kate Lubenesky
Mom of: Cooper – age 2 and Carter – age 5 months
Lives in: New York City
Cookie Connection: Longtime co-worker and dear friend of Gretchen and Larry Witt, Cookies co-founders

Why she volunteers, in her own words: Things to do today: Sign up for soccer, re-order diapers, make doctor’s appointment, cure pediatric cancer. Wait, really?

From the sound of it, curing cancer seems farfetched. But that’s before Gretchen and Larry’s son Liam was diagnosed, before their family’s world imploded, and before I knew the facts. The good news is that there are really wonderful and promising treatments that are just on the horizon for children struggling with cancer. The bad news is that some of the protocols are literally stopped in their tracks due to lack of funding. I decided to look at this not as a $1 billion dollar problem per se, but as a cookie by cupcake, mother-by-mother-we-can-do-this problem.

So I threw a bake sale. And honestly, it wasn’t that hard because everyone who heard about it wanted to help. I asked for a core team of volunteers from our staff at Oxo, and together we brainstormed a way to make our bake sale bigger than big. We solicited donations from local sweet shops and bakeries, we commandeered “outposts” (aka card tables) on different office floors, we asked companies for a corporate match for what we raised, we papered the building with fliers. I baked my grandmother’s famous banana pudding (which I now realize is the recipe from the back of the Nilla Wafers box, but it’s still delicious). We had bakers, and sellers, and money takers, and it was a good old fashioned bake sale that made everyone who took part in some way feel a little better—and we raised over $10,000.

Liam has been living with cancer for almost three years now. Money raised by Cookies for Kids’ Cancer has advanced some promising treatments that are helping him. But there is so much more to do. We are literally building a life raft, cookie by cookie. He needs that raft to help ferry him to safety, and so do so many other children. It is not outside the realm of possibility. Science is exploding with new technology, ideas, tests, studies. Many of those opportunities need seed money to get off the ground. I know that as a mother, Gretchen is racing against time to find the best chances for Liam to beat cancer. I also know that as a mother, the saying, “There but for the grace of God go I” is so true. Cancer knows no boundaries. I look at my sweet boys and I never want them to know the pain of a playground slight or the heartache of first love. I know that Gretchen would like nothing more than for Liam to know the heartache, and the joy, of a first love.

I have promised Gretchen that we will dance together at Liam’s wedding, and we will laugh and sing and have far too many cocktails. If adding a bake sale to my list of things to do today will make that promise come true, I’m all in. Won’t you join me?

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