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Be a good cookie. . .like Grier!

Be a good cookie. . .like Grier!

Welcome to the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer blog. Hooray! It’s up! You have no idea how excited we at Cookies for Kids’ Cancer are to post our first bake sale story. Bake sale stories are what we are all about. The entire purpose of this blog is to tell the inspiring and amazing stories of people all over the world (yep, I said it, WORLD) who are holding bake sales to raise money for our cause and our purpose – children’s cancer research and treatment. We hope you find yourself in this spot again and again and again. . .to be inspired and driven to do everything you can to support and spread the word about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Now, without further adieu. . .the story of a bake sale. . .



Amy Christenbury had two great reasons to host a Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bake sale. The first reason: to help fulfill Cookies founder Gretchen’s birthday wish for 100 people to commit to hosting a bake sale for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Amy not only said she would host a bake sale, she recruited her best friend in Wilmington to host one as well (more on that inspiring bake sale soon).

The second reason: Amy’s 4-year-old son Grier is currently fighting his own battle with Neuroblastoma, the same deadly pediatric cancer Gretchen’s son Liam is battling. That’s right – Amy is a warrior mom – she’s in the midst of an enormous battle against a mean and ugly disease. Amy knows the fears, stresses and ongoing anxieties of pediatric cancer all too well. But you know what? Amy also knows she wants to do whatever it takes to raise the funds needed to find better, safer treatments and a cure for all kinds of children’s cancers. So she jumped at the chance to grant Gretchen’s birthday wish.

With the enthusiastic help of members of Team “Go Grier Go,” as well as donations from supporters all over Charlotte, Amy hosted a bake sale the weekend of September 20-21, during the annual Festival in the Park located just across the street from her house. Pedestrian traffic going in and out of the festival bought everything from lemon bars and bright blue cupcakes to bottles of water. At the end of the marathon, two-day bake sale, Amy’s bake sale team had raised over $2000. And guess what? Her husband’s company is planning to MATCH dollar-for-dollar the funds raised. Now we’re talking about AMAZING cookies.

Here are some of the “Go Grier Go!” team’s tips for a successful bake sale:

  1. Shout it from the rooftops! Tell people in advance about your bake sale – when, where, why. Send out an email letting everyone know and get them to forward it on!
  2. Make life easier and use the files on the Cookies website to make signs, posters, stickers and labels for your bake sale. Go to Staples or Kinkos to make them larger. Great signs attract more customers.
  3. Ask your local bake shops to donate their leftovers to the sale. Two local shops were willing to help.
  4. Label ALL cookies. People will ask what everything is, so save your voice and make labels.
  5. KEEP IT SIMPLE when you bake – stick with the standbys. Chocolate chip cookies were by far the favorite.
  6. NO nuts! Many people have severe peanut allergies. Keep your bake sale peanut, pecan and walnut free to avoid losing customers.
  7. Decorate the goodies – bright colors on cookies and cupcakes attract kids.
  8. Cake slices are popular. If whole cakes are not selling, slice them into individual servings.
  9. RECRUIT KIDS! They have energy and can sell anything. They love to help so let them be your cheerleaders!

Amy’s bake sale is one of hundreds of bake sales we plan to feature on this blog. Grier is one of hundreds and thousands of kids we are in this fight for. YOU are one of hundreds who will make a difference in the fight against pediatric cancer. We hope you come back. . .

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