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New Clinical Trial Gives Hope to Children Battling Cancer: Lucy’s Story

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Hillary Waldeisen courageously shares the story of her daughter Lucy, and her battle with neuroblastoma.

Lucy’s third round of chemo was vicious. It left her without the energy to hold her head up for more than a few minutes at a time. And this lasted for 10 days after the round ended. 10 days that felt like a lifetime. It is hard to watch your once full of life 3 year old become a shell of her former self. Pale skin, sunken eyes, bald head, scars…… I shed a thousand tears when she wasn’t looking. I remember going to the grocery store during this time and noticing all the children who were out. They were riding their bikes, running, laughing and doing all the things that kids should be doing. All the things that Lucy and 12,000 other children should have been doing. Kids should not be sitting in hospital rooms with poison pumping through their veins. Kids should not die from a disease that could be cured if we only had the funds for more research.

After Lucy finished treatment and made it through her first year of scans without cancer being detected in her body, I decided that I needed to do something to try and make a difference. I wanted to raise awareness to the fact that pediatric cancer research receives the least amount of federal funding. I wanted people to know that 12,000 children being diagnosed annually is not a disease considered “rare.” I wanted to raise money to help fund research that would hopefully save the children that I had met and whom were still fighting this ugly disease. I wanted to make all the angels proud knowing that they had inspired me and so many others into action. I wanted a cure.

I talked to fellow cancer parents about starting an organization called Lucy’s Light to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer. Many of them had been involved in different organizations already and had some good information for me. I received Gretchen’s name from my friend Robin who I had met while our girls were in treatment together. She told me that Gretchen had started Cookies for Kids Cancer and would be willing to offer her guidance. I then talked with my friend Carmen, another parent I met during our kids’ treatment. She told me something that made everything kind of click in my brain. She said that Gretchen had once said to her that we need to band together. Instead of having hundreds of different pediatric cancer foundations, we need to group the energy to make the biggest impact. And this totally made sense to me. I checked out the website and loved the fact that Cookies was not about one cancer or one child. I loved hearing from Gretchen that they make every dollar count. It didn’t take long for me to decide that Lucy’s Light would team up with Cookies and donate all money raised to this amazing organization. We have been supporting CFKC for over 4 years.

To learn more about the phase 1 clinical trial, funded in part by Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, available this month for kids just like Lucy, click here. To donate to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer to fund research into new, innovative treatments for the #1 disease killer of kids in the U.S., click here. To send Lucy’s Lemon Sugar Cookies in honor of Lucy, click here.

(photo: Tough Cookie Lucy)

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