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New Clinical Trial Gives Hope to Children Battling Cancer: Cole’s Story

Filed under: childhood cancer research — The Good Cookies @ 3:41 pm September 19, 2017

Carol Winnefeld courageously shares the story of her son Cole, and his battle with neuroblastoma.

Cole was born a very happy, energetic little boy – however, all that changed when at the age of five, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  Neuroblastoma is a nerve cell cancer that attacks the sympathetic nervous system, and on that April afternoon, our lives took a drastic turn from normal.

Upon diagnosis, Cole had a mass on his adrenal gland, along with lesions on his bones and bone marrow.  We started him on a standard therapy, only to disappointingly realize that it wasn’t attacking the cancer well—it might have been slowing it down, but no real progress was being made.  That’s when we realized that we needed to get him to a treatment center that specialized in his type of, hard to treat, cancer.

He had stubborn disease that never really succumbed to any therapies, it would lie dormant for months or even years, only to rear its ugly head and make us switch up treatment.  It was learning where and how to attack.  He went through at least fifteen clinical trials in his six and a half year cancer battle, but we never got a great handle on his disease.  He had multiple doses of toxic chemotherapy, radiation therapies, antibody therapies.  He had so much toxic therapies that we had to make the choice to stop one and start another, so as not to do any permanent damage to his growing body.  Just when we thought we might have found another new therapy, the disease took hold and Cole passed away at the age of eleven.  We ran out of time.  We don’t want another child to run out of time—we owe it to Cole to make sure other kids have a chance to fight this horrendous disease.

We must keep funding trials—the science is available, but the funding is not. Cole’s life might have been spared if had received the therapies that are on the horizon… but his fight won’t be in vain- please help fund kids’ cancer trials and help kids like Cole.

To learn more about the phase 1 clinical trial, funded in part by Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, available this month for kids just like Cole, click here. To donate to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer to fund research into new, innovative treatments for the #1 disease killer of kids in the U.S., click here. To send Cole’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (with FREE Shipping all September) in honor of him, click here.

(photos: Tough Cookie Cole & Cole’s Chocolate Chip Cookies)

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