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Meet Taste Buds Kitchen

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We caught up with Jessi Brelsford – the Founder and Chief Bud of Taste Buds Kitchen – a company specializing in creative and unique cooking events for kids and families and focused on connecting, learning and growing in the culinary playground of the kitchen. Their motto is “Learn, laugh, cook!” and that’s an attitude we can totally get behind!

Taste Buds Kitchen has been hosting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer fundraisers since 2011 and their kid-driven bake sales have raised over $60,000 to fund new, less toxic cancer treatments for children. These bake sales are a stand out example of how kids can get directly involved in giving back and making an impact on the world around them. And the impact shows! So we wanted to learn more about how these little buds get it done…

How did you find out about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer?

I first learned about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer when I was just starting Taste Buds Kitchen. I volunteered to help seal cookie bags when the cookies were being made at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and met a lot of great people that day. I was excited to learn more.

What inspired you to host an event?

I immediately saw a way for our little budding chefs to give back by creating yummy treats and hosting bake sales to support this great effort. What could be better than kids helping kids!

I was so excited I even raised money for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer by running a half marathon in Central Park years ago!

Tell us how you do it all! How do you and the kids prepare for your bake sales?

The Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Bake Sale Starter Kit is very helpful! Then we tell the kids all about it and let our parents and neighbors know about the bake sale so that they can hopefully attend! Our neighboring tenants love our bake sales! They look forward to it every Thursday in the summer.

What’s your favorite part of hosting a fundraiser?

Everyone loves it! Our summer campers, our crew, and our parents. It’s such a worthwhile effort. In addition to helping children, it also teaches our campers so much.

What has been your biggest takeaway from it all?

I love giving back and helping others so it’s nice that this partnership has been a part of our business since the very early days. We were even included in your Best Bake Sale Cookbook!

It also feels so good to be able to help in a small way. The kids love it and their parents are really proud of them.

Cancer is such an awful disease and now that I’m a mother, I’m even more committed to helping this great organization.

Any fun anecdotes or stories to share that happened during a bake sale?

We ask for donations at our bake sale and one person gave us a $20 and asked for change and one of our campers gave them back $1. It was pretty funny, we all laughed.

Do you have plans to host any more fundraising events for Cookies?

Yes! Certainly. Every summer.

Ok, so we have to ask…what’s your favorite cookie?

Chocolate chip — you can’t beat it!

Thank you so much, Jessi! We love the enthusiasm and joy in these kids’ faces!

To learn more about how you or your small business can host your own bake sale or fundraiser, please reach out to us at We’d love to hear from you!

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