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Meet Our 2013 Good Cookie Dad!

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Rob Charlebois

If it weren’t for my dad I wouldn’t be who I am today. My dad has raised 5 girls and 1 boy. My mom had a lot of issues so my dad basically raised us alone.

He is always there for us and gives us the best advice. He would drop anything in a second to come help us if we needed it. In 2004, my brother was born with cancer.

My dad had to live in NYC for months at a time up until 2009 because he kept relapsing. My dad never left his side and never gave up. He ended up losing his job.

Zachary is still alive today, cancer free and lives with my dad. I have never seen a relationship as close as theirs.

Just a couple months ago we found out my dad has Appendix Cancer, a very rare cancer that gives survivors a maximum of 5 years to live.

He has gone through 3 rounds of chemo and will be getting surgery on June 20. I think my dad deserves a huge reward for all that he’s done and for all that he’s gone through.

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