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Good Cookie Spotlight: Jennifer Pounders

Filed under: childhood cancer research,community fundraising ideas — The Good Cookies @ 11:34 am October 19, 2012

Jennifer Pounders loves chocolate chip cookies and radiates with the Good Cookie spirit.

Having known Gretchen Witt, the founder of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, Jennifer was motivated to make a difference in honor of Liam Witt, whose brave battle with cancer continues to inspire many. Jennifer was one of the many planners of the annual Richmond City-Wide Bake Sale, an event which has raised tens of thousands of dollars to fight pediatric cancer over the last few years.

“I love that one couple’s pain and determination resulted in a national rampage against childhood cancer that anyone and everyone can join,” says Jennifer about the organization’s ability to have communities host a simple, local event and make a national difference.

A city-wide bake sale takes an incredible amount of planning, but Jennifer warns that you should not let time be the reason for not hosting an event. She believes that no matter the size of the bake sale or the time put into it, that a big difference can be made.

From donations of baked goods to volunteers to multiple site locations, the Richmond bake sale hosts gained a few insights into limiting expenses for holding such a large fundraiser.

“Get your most outspoken, persuasive team member to go ask for anything and everything you need,” adds Jennifer. “Miracles happen and people will say YES! Then you will cry at the beauty of their generosity.”

Richmond’s City-Wide Bake Sale brings together the entire city. A mobile trolley takes baked goods around downtown and hosts set up in over 20 locations throughout the city town.  Customers are incredibly generous and eager to give. Sometimes people do not even ask for anything in return, just are thankful for the time and energy put into fighting pediatric cancer.

“We’re selling cookies but we often become counselors or confidants to people who are either suffering from cancer themselves or have had someone in their family diagnosed or die,” states Jennifer. “People see us a representatives of the fight against childhood cancer and cancer overall. We’re an open window, an open door – a place to share – even just for the minute that transpires while selecting and donating to our cause.”

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