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Forming Alliances

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Do you know what Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is all about?

Well, yeah, we’re all about wiping pediatric cancer off the planet one cookie at a time.

But we’re also about bringing people TOGETHER for a common cause. Every time there is a Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bake sale or event of any kind, our co-founders get pumped to hear about the experience of the people involved – the hard work, the funny moments, the new friendships formed. Larry and Gretchen want community and togetherness to be a key ingredient of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer because they believe in the power of people working as a team. 

That love of teamwork is leading Cookies to new partnerships with other organizations who want to join our mission to find cures for pediatric cancer – organizations like the New York Women’s Culinary Alliance. All fall, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer received support and encouragement from the members of the NYWCA – an organization of New York women who are passionate about food and wine while also working in the industry. These women are chefs and writers, instructors and professionals who all love and believe in the power of food. They also believe in Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

Shortly after launching our Cookies website, NYWCA featured us in their weekly newsletter, encouraging members to become involved by hosting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bake sales and events. Back in December, many members volunteered for the enormous bake-a-thon for the cookies we baked, packaged and shipped to families at Ronald McDonald Houses across the country. Then, as the year came to a close, Cookies learned the NYWCA  was planning to make a $2,500 donation to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Humbled and honored, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer accepted the money to go toward research for pediatric cancer treatments.

The New York Women’s Culinary Alliance represents the power of partnership – not only because of a generous donation but because of the hands-on nature of NYWCA’s involvement. And as a team we are just getting started. NYWCA members are gearing up now for a Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bake sale already in the works for early May.

Teamwork – that’s what we’re all about. At Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, we believe that if we all do a little, together we will do a lot to change the facts of pediatric cancer. We hope you join us!

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