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Enthusiasm is spreading

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When the great team at Oxo held their first corporate bake sale (stay tuned, we’ll feature Oxo again soon), their passion  and desire to raise money for children’s cancers was clear. Oxo team member Kate Lubenskey’s personal enthusiasm spilled over into the great company event and the description of the sale that she passed along to us. Pour a cup of coffee, grab a yummy cookie and keep reading for some fun details about the Oxo event as well as tips for success.


“OXO’s first Cookies for Kid’s Cancer Bake Sale was a smashing success. We recruited ten employees from two departments and challenged each person to bake two items, attempting to feed our office of fifty employees. Response was very enthusiastic.


Baking skills ranged from expert to novice. We even had one person who doesn’t bake but bought pastries from a bakery so she could participate.  Since it was an office bake sale, we wanted people to start with breakfast items (scones, monkey bread, cinnamon rolls), have a cookie as a dessert after lunch (oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter, chocolate, etc), and finish up with an afternoon snack of cupcakes or pudding (chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing, fresh banana pudding). 
By mid-morning, we realized we had way too much food for one office to consume, so we spread the word. We invited building neighbors to stop by and packed up a “to-go” basket for a mini bake sale at a friendly office on a different floor. Spreading out the wealth of sweets worked well. We almost doubled our money by sharing with another entire office. 



The biggest hits of the day were cupcakes, followed by cookies of all shapes and sizes.  One key to success was in not pricing anything – people were encouraged to give what they wanted. Many were very generous; one gentleman paid $20 for a scone! Treats that were small,  portable and easy to grab were the first to go, where items like monkey bread (albeit delicious) were harder to sell because it had to be cut and didn’t end up looking great after everyone carved their slices.
After raising almost $1000 (half of that through a matching donation), the enthusiasm is spreading. Now our team is talking with building management about hosting a building-wide bake sale in the lobby of our 14 floor office building. Our goal is to raise ten times our first amount. Every person on the baking team felt wonderful about being able to help, and the rest of the office enjoyed the labors of love.”

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is not about one type of pediatric cancer. We’re about changing the terrifying facts of children’s cancer for the better, forever. Every individual – event organizers, baker or donors –  who gets involved in a Cookies for Kids’ Cancer fund raiser gets us all closer to a better treatment, a better statistic, a cure for pediatric cancer. Get involved and give every family in this fight a fighting chance.


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