“It feels good to be a Good Cookie…”

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Annie Steinberg-Joachim is a children’s party planner and the founder of Blast Events NYC. As today’s guest blogger, Annie describes how she became involved with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and how she impacted her nephew’s school  in New York City by hosting a bake sale. Look forward to more posts with event tips by Annie.

I first noticed Cookies for Kids’ Cancer on Facebook– my absolute favorite source to connect with my clients, new people and fabulous ideas across the country. A client had liked their site and I saw pictures of adorable girls with delicious cookies having a fantastic time. As a kids’ party planner, I was thrilled right away and clicked further for inspiration. That’s when I noticed it was a charity– and more than that, it was children supporting other children. I knew right away that I absolutely had to do one of these parties. No matter what, I was going to do a Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bake sale.

It was just a week later that I found out my nephew’s school downtown, The Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, was eager to get more involved in the community. They were looking for an event planner who would help them give back, and I was beyond excited to bring Cookies for Cancer to their attention. They agreed it was a perfect match, and I went ahead and registered my event on this website. A few days later, I had a question and I emailed the general address. Almost instantly, I was overwhelmed with kind, helpful answers from multiple women in the organization who were so excited that I was involved and couldn’t wait to find out how they could help. Never have I worked with a team as involved and helpful as the Cookies Team. They helped guide the event and made it a smooth process.

Once I began planning, I learned more about the story behind Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. As it turned out, it was the illness of Gretchen Witt’s son that moved her to put this beautiful organization together. Her son, Liam would’ve been in my nephew’s very same class at Lèman Manhattan. They shared friends. I was so touched and inspired; I was driven to put together not just a bake sale, but a celebration. I was personally invested, and completely blew up my initial idea– involved a band (courtesy of sponsor Appleseeds!), arts & crafts, games, cookie decorating, balloon animals and more. In the middle of all the fun they were having, kids would come up to our tables and mention helping children just like them– even if they didn’t exactly understand how, they knew they were helping to make a difference. My team and I met a lot of “Good Cookies” that day– from Gretchen to mothers and classmates, new neighbors, and even a local restaurant, Bobby Van’s, surprised us with a giant tray of baked goods and didn’t ask for any recognition– they just wanted to help out. It turned into not just a bake sale, but an event for the community.

My favorite part wasn’t the money we raised, but something changed inside Blast Events NYC that afternoon too. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer helps open conversations between parents and children about doing good, and even about illness. We now feel strongly about suggesting parents ask birthday guests to donate to a cause in lieu of gifts– many parents feel their child has too much “stuff” anyway. I loved the warmth I experienced from the organization and from all who participated, and I can’t wait to do it all again! It feels good to be a Good Cookie…

Can a Bandage Fight Pediatric Cancer?

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Ouchies Bandages live by the motto, “Hide your boo-boo, not your style!” This company created a unique new program, Ouchies for Others, which helps in the fight against pediatric cancer and gives a portion of the profits to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

Ouchies for Others is a program that gives kids the opportunity to design their own Ouchies bandage! Kids, 18 years old or younger, are asked to create artwork that will be printed on an Ouchies for Others bandage. Submitted artwork will be publicly posted to Ouchies Facebook page.  Fans will vote by “like”-ing submitted artwork.  The top 10 submissions with the most Facebook “likes” will be judged as potential winners.  A jury will then select 5 design winners.

Follow the link to the template and official rules of the Ouchies for Others program. Your submitted design can help put a smile on the face of kids battling pediatric cancer. Enter today!

Denny’s Inspires Others to Be Good Cookies

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80 Denny’s Restaurants in upstate New York and Arizona are fighting pediatric cancer. Glenn and Tina Beattie from Top Line Restaurants, Inc. were inspired to raise money for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer because of the Witt Family. In the following guest blog post, Glenn and Tina talk further about their inspiration for supporting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. For a complete list of participating Denny’s, follow the link.

Our company is proud to be a longtime supporter of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. We were deeply touched by Liam’s short but significant life and wanted to do what we could to help the fight against pediatric cancer. Little did we know how enthusiastically our customers would respond.

In May of 2011, our 28 Denny’s in Western and Central New York held month-long fundraisers for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. For each donation made, paper “cookies” were signed and hung on the walls of the diners. By the end of the month, tens of thousands of cookies lined every wall, window and door frame of our restaurants!

Thanks to our guests we raised $75,000 in just one month!! – a sum that through Cookies for Kids’ Cancer will help fund lifesaving research and treatments.

Our passion spread within the Denny’s community and this year, we have an additional 60 locations participating in our fundraiser in both New York and Arizona. With the additional restaurants and guests involved we are excited to significantly increase our financial impact.

As business owners, we are honored to partner with an amazing organization like Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and the spirit in which they are fighting pediatric cancer. As parents, we are inspired by Gretchen and Larry, and as neighbors, we are humbled by the overwhelming support of our guests who have also been touched by this cause.

One of our guests, the parent of a child with pediatric cancer, sent a letter that said coming into our restaurant with her child during our Cookies fundraiser made them both feel like they weren’t alone in the fight. And they are not. We look forward to continuing to do our part to uphold Liam’s legacy and make a difference in the lives of these brave young children.

– Glenn and Tina Beattie, Top Line Restaurants, Inc.

Why OXO Cares

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You may not know this, but Cookies for Kids’ Cancer founders also have day jobs working at OXO. OXO employees have been avid supporters of Cookies since day one. Read on for an open letter from OXO’s President, Alex Lee, describing why supporting pediatric cancer research is so important to OXO.

At OXO, we operate a lot like family. Together we celebrate birthdays, weddings and anniversaries just like we would with friends and loved ones – because we TRULY regard one another as friends and loved ones. On May 13, 2004 we were overcome with excitement at the arrival of Liam Witt, the beautiful son of two long-time OXOnians, Gretchen and Larry Witt. On January 24, 2011 we were overcome with grief at his passing.

Liam was a fixture in our office, and not just at company events (though it was always fun to guess which superhero he would be for Halloween). It was rare for a week to go by without a visit from Liam and his sister, Ella. He instinctively followed OXO’s philosophy to question everything and was always willing (sometimes too willing) to test products and give his honest (sometimes TOO honest) feedback. We often raced around the office on our respective scooters and he beat me most of the time –  it must have been because his scooter had three wheels while mine only has two!

Gretchen and Larry’s loss was our loss, too.

In 2007, when Gretchen had the ‘just so crazy it might work’ idea for a bake sale, we rallied together to support her efforts. We were there alongside Gretchen and Larry as they sold 96,000 cookies and raised over $420,000. When that bake sale turned into Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, OXO employees did whatever we could to help – bake cookies, write thank-you letters, tie ribbons, and of course, host an annual bake sale – because that’s what family does. We support one another.

For a number of years, we researched a cause that we, as a corporation, could align ourselves behind. Ironically, it was Gretchen who initially led the charge. In the end, it kept coming back to one thing: We wanted to support a philanthropy that OXO employees were truly passionate about, one that had impacted each of us personally and profoundly. There was no other choice than Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

In the first year of our partnership with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, our work inspired others to help us build awareness and funds for Pediatric Cancer Research, to the tune of over $250,000. This year, we are thrilled to continue a partnership with this organization so close to our hearts. Once again, OXO has pledged up to $100,000 to support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Visit cookiesforkidscancer.org to learn how you can team up with OXO, Bake a Difference, and fight Pediatric Cancer.


Alex Lee

Santa Cruz Community Fights Pediatric Cancer

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On September 6, an article in The Santa Cruz Sentinel sparked the community to bake a difference for Gabriella, a little girl diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. The article, “Sweetness in the midst of difficulty”, created an outpouring of support for Team G’s Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bake sale. Community members began to e-mail and call Gabriella’s mom, Kristin to ask, “How can I help?”

Local businesses and schools heard the news of Team G’s bake sale and decided to take action. Some businesses had “bake-offs” to see who could give the most baked goods.  Schools and Girl Scout troops offered to volunteer at the event. Kristin’s dream of a big bake sale began to take shape.

Team G’s Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Bake Sale recruited over 130 volunteers for the event including 55 plus bakers, 12 Sassy Cakes pre-cupcake makers, 50 Good Cookies at each location. Volunteers even baked over 2,000 treats to sell.

“Cookies, cupcakes and baked goods were coming in by the bucket full on Saturday,” says the Santa Cruz Good Cookie.  “People were lined up to drop their goods off and pick up their pre-ordered cookies and cupcakes.  As they were being dropped off, some were taken and bagged, ribbons and stickers applied then dispersed to all the tables.  It was just incredible to watch as the community came together and a site that just warmed my heart.”

On the big day – September 30th, bake sales all over Santa Cruz set up. Some friends dressed up as cupcakes and Cookie Monster to catch the eye of customers. Volunteers held signs on the street and waved to passers-by.

Between pre-sold baked goods, t-shirt sales and the city-wide bake sale event, Kristin and Team G’s Cookies for Kids’ Cancer raised $22,580 for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

“It was just incredible to see a community come together with such enthusiasm and heart,” says Kristin. “I was so honored to be a part of it all.  There’s no way it would have happened without everyone’s participation and dedication.  As Gretchen [Holt Witt] says, “Cookies are Magical”.  A saying I won’t forget anytime soon.”

To read more about Gabriella, visit our Inspiring Kids page.

Help Cookies for Kids’ Cancer win $250,000 for Pediatric Cancer Research – VOTE today!

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Chase Community Giving nominated Cookies for Kids’ Cancer for their annual grant program.  Chase is giving up to $5 million in grants to charities, but to receive a piece of the pie, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer needs your VOTE. For Facebook users, follow this link to vote and share with friends and family.  For Chase customers, follow this link to vote.  Voting ends on September 19th. With your help, we can win up to $250,000.

Matt’s Letter to Friends. . .Inspiring Giving

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Below is the letter Matt Mallgrave wrote to his friends and family, explaining that he was running a grueling marathon in honor of Liam Witt and to raise funds for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. We hope you read and are inspired by his words.

On Sunday April 29th I am running my 6th Marathon, the Big Sur Marathon. I am running to raise money and awareness for “Cookies for Kids’ Cancer,” a 501(c)3 non profit started by Gretchen and Larry Witt in 2008 as their 2 year old son Liam courageously fought stage IV childhood cancer.

This note is being sent to a select group of people I know who will recognize and support an organization that is making a difference in the underfunded world of pediatric cancer. If we reach our goal we will be the single highest donating team in Cookies for Kids’ Cancer history!

Click here to join. If you have any questions please contact me.


In his 6 short years, Liam had a huge impact on everyone he met. He was a loving, empathetic, charismatic little boy. His curiosity and enthusiasm were contagious. He spent many hours at the firehouse in his neighborhood. The tough firefighters who work there were so taken with this special child, that they gave him his own locker in the firehouse. Liam was so courageous that when he lost his battle, they gave him a hero’s farewell:

This race is for Liam and all the other children who are fighting and have fought innocently, never giving up.



Upon Liam’s diagnosis, Gretchen and Larry were shocked to learn that the main reason over 25% of kids diagnosed with cancer do not survive is because of a lack of effective therapies. And the reason for the lack of therapies was very simple: lack of funding. They pledged to support the development of new and better treatments by giving people a simple way to get involved.

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is not about one child or one type of pediatric cancer. It is about changing the facts of pediatric cancer for the better, forever. Here are just a few facts about pediatric cancer that you may not know:
• Cancer claims the lives of more children annually than any other disease, more than asthma, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis & AIDS combined.
• Everyday 46 children are diagnosed with cancer and 7 die.
• The causes of most childhood cancers are unknown. At present, childhood cancer cannot be prevented.
• Childhood cancer occurs regularly, randomly, and spares no ethnic group, socioeconomic class, or geographic region. In the United States, the incidence of cancer among adolescents and young adults is increasing at a greater rate than any other age group, except those over 65 years.
• The progress in survival rates is largely attributable to improvements in treatment and patients participating in clinical trials.
• Survival comes with a cost. Sixty percent of pediatric cancer survivors develop at least one chronic health condition because treatments are so harsh.
• Despite these facts, childhood cancer research is vastly and consistently underfunded. Childhood cancer research funding accounts for only 3.8% of all cancer research funding allotted by the federal government.
So, what is Cookies doing about the problem?
• In 2011 Cookies for Kids’ Cancer granted over $1.7 million to research. These funds gave 15 projects much needed funding to move their work from the lab to the clinic, ideally within the next 2 years.
• We’re currently receiving “progress reports” from the spring grants. All are showing promise of giving kids options they deserve within the anticipated timelines. One in particular is a standout – one of the projects we funded at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was named by Discover Magazine to the list of the Top 100 Scientific Stories of 2011. ..it ranked #10!
• http://discovermagazine.com/2012/jan-feb/10

“If we were told that we could run only one marathon in our lifetime, Big Sur would have to be it.” Runners World Magazine


Most people raise funds for Cookies For Kids’ Cancer by…baking cookies. People have asked me, “Why Big Sur?” The simple answer is because:
1. I cannot bake
2. “The hard is what makes it great.”

This marathon is tough. They start it with a wakeup and bus at 345am with race start at 645am. They shut route 1 in California from Big Sur to Carmel. You run up and down hills from sea level to 600 feet and back, eventually ending in the town of Carmel. I have trained; yet you are never really ready for a race like this…I have vowed I will never stop.

Liam and children and families like his never stopped…

Thank you for your consideration and support.


Matt Mallgrave

The Good Cookies at Macaroni Kid

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There are no Cookies for Kids’ Cancer supporters quite like Moms.  And last year we were introduced to a unique group of them– a group that is committed to bringing their communities together to make a difference in the lives of families around them.  They are known in their communities as Macaroni Kid Publisher Moms, but we call them Good Cookies.

Publisher Moms all around the country have been supporting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer through hosting events, writing blogposts, and raising awareness about the need for more funding in the world of pediatric cancer research.  They have truly learned what it means to “be a Good Cookie” and they have lived that out this year by raising thousands of dollars for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.
Recently, The Macaroni Kid community of North Phoenix, AZ hosted an event at the Christmas Festival in downtown Carefree.  Publisher Mom, Shana Battles (pictured above) was inspired by Cookies founder Gretchen Holt Witt when she spoke at the Macaroni Kid Meet up in Florida this past October.  Battles rallied 30 additional volunteers to come together with the hope of making a difference.  This first-time bake sale raised nearly $2,000 and these funds will go directly to fund pediatric cancer research.
Another Macaroni Kid Bake Sale took place just a few weeks ago in Cranston/Kent, Rhode Island.  Publisher Mom, Heather Wirtz (pictured above) was inspired to host an event at a local Family Fun Day.  In just 2 hours, they raised almost $900.  Wirtz hopes to make this a semi-annual or annual event in their community.

Just like Macaroni Kid Publisher Moms make great bake sale hosts, we believe bake sale hosts would make fantastic Publisher Moms.  Macaroni Kid creates flexible, work from home business opportunities for entrepreneurial moms. As a Publisher, you dish the scoop each week on the best events and activities for kids and families in your area, including Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Bake Sales.  Macaroni Kid is so much more than an e-newsletter – they are a company created by, inspired by, and built for moms from all walks of life.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it means to be a publisher mom, please visit this link (www.macaronikid.com/becomepublishermom).

A Cocktail for Music to benefit Cookies for Kids’ Cancer

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Dear Friends,

A new year has begun with new dreams and expectations.  In my case I have a special reason to be very happy and I would like to share it with you.  Last year, my violin students, ranging from the age of 4 to 17, and my colleagues helped me inaugurate two concert series I founded:  Kids Kare and A Cocktail for Music.  I am pleased to announce the first event of our second season.  On Saturday February 25th, 2012 at 6:00pm, The Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT will present “A Cocktail for Music” featuring two up and coming young artists, David Gale and Riko Higuma.

Over the years, being a part of the arts has become a two-fold purpose for me.  The first is to engage in inspiring performances and the second is to utilize my musical knowledge in the teaching of children.  To that end, my experiences in teaching children has become a large part of my career.

The foundation of the future in music belongs to the children of our upcoming generations.  It is the responsibility of those of us fortunate to have been given top notch training to pass it along to those who will follow us in years to come.  It is essential for children to be given the proper tools so that they may grow in their musical careers.  Not only should we educate children in the musical sense, but we must also teach them how knowledge in music can be linked to everything around them.

My goal as an educator has been to both teach music and make the children aware of the world around them.  The event “Kids Kare” and “A Cocktail for Music” was created to give my students and young artists like Mr. Gale and Ms. Higuma the opportunity to use their talents towards a worthy cause.  I believe teaching empathy is as important as teaching the child how to play the violin because it instills confidence and enthusiasm that comes from knowledge that one person can actually make a difference in this world.

I used to regard children with the same affection as one has for muddy dogs in their house and after working with them, my eyes have opened.  The optimism bordering on naivety, the insuppressible cheer, it is infectious in the best way possible.  They remind me of the hope we all had, that feeling that anything is possible whether it be in music, school or love.

I was introduced to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer by a very close family friend who’s husband works very closely with Larry Witt, the co-founder.  After doing some research it was then that I realized to have a disease so final and deadly rob someone, anyone of the irreplaceable childish spirit is a great tragedy indeed.  This is why I am determined to make what contributions I can, however small, to allowing ill-fated children live out their own dreams and win out against a disease so dangerous.

Please come join us on Saturday February 25th, 2012 for a cocktail party hosted by Morello Italian Bistro, Garelick & Herbs, and Chef Jerwin, a wine tasting sponsored by Horseneck Wine, a special performance by David Gale and Riko Higuma, and win prizes at our raffle!

Tickets are $45.00 per person, Raffle Tickets are $20.00 for 1, $50.00 for 3, and $100.00 for 6 and can all be purchased by calling 917-771-9556 or sending an email to: acocktailformusic@gmail.com. All proceeds will be donated to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

Sincerely Yours,

Roslyn Huang

Founder and Artistic Director of “A Cocktail for Music” and “Kids Kare”

A big thanks to our Good Cookies sponsors:

The Greenwich Symphony
The Ridgefield Symphony
The Stamford Symphony
Gateway Classical
Jacqueline’s Gourmet Cookies
Morello Italian Bistro
Chef Jerwin
Garelick & Herbs
The Mary Anne Show on WGCH
Horseneck Wine
Ars Viva Chamber Orchestra
Camilee Designs

Another way to Love Like Liam – Online Bake Sale!

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A Special Valentine: Cookies FREE OF Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy & Peanut this Season

This Valentine’s Day Season, Nonesuch Bakery will donate 25% of online sales to supporters of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer when you use the code “LIAM25” at checkout. This special promotion begins Tuesday, January 24th and ends on Tuesday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day, the first anniversary of Liam Witt’s memorial service. For three weeks, you can help raise funds for pediatric cancer and bake delicious cookies FREE of gluten, dairy, egg, soy, AND peanut for your family and friends with dietary restrictions.

Nonesuch Bakery offers ready-to-bake cookie dough in a re-sealable package and gives you a baker’s dozen (13 cookies) to bake one at a time or for a whole crowd. The all-natural cookie dough FREE OF gluten, dairy, egg, soy, and peanut comes in oatmeal raisin, shredded coconut, and chocolate chip and is made with the highest quality ingredients. Learn more about the cookie dough made by hand and food allergies here. Delivery is available to all 48 states in the Continental U.S. – sorry no AK or HI yet.

Sarah Choi, founder of Nonesuch Bakery and mother of an active 2.5 year old boy in San Francisco felt an immediate connection to the mission of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer when a friend attended a local bake sale and shared the Witt family’s story with her. Sarah says, “My goal is to create a delicious cookie baking experience at home for an audience who usually doesn’t get one. I’m thrilled to share the cookie dough with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer so that everyone can indulge in the fun and raise even more funds for pediatric cancer at local bake sale events. Donating a percentage of sales every Valentine’s Day season is a small way I can help the cause.”

Order your cookie dough today with the code “LIAM25” and celebrate Liam’s legacy of love.

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