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Good Cookie, Reid Bond

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It all started with a bet. 11-year-old Reid’s father bet his son that he could not go until January 1 without junk food. Reid continued to keep his side of the bet, but wanted to go trick-or-treating with his friends. Instead of collecting candy that he could not eat, Reid gathered donations for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Below is Reid’s  letter explaining his contribution. To read other Good Cookie stories, follow the link.

Celebrating Liam Witt – a message from Bob Woodruff

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Dear Friends,

On Monday, January 24th, the world lost Liam Witt – a gentle, inquisitive child who loved life and lived it to its fullest. . .a brave, sweet little boy who endured so much without complaint and inspired his parents each day with courage and love. The son of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer founders Gretchen and Larry Witt, Liam will forever be the inspiration for their mission to fund new, less toxic treatments for pediatric cancer.

Twenty-four hours ago at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in New York City, I joined hundreds of friends and family to celebrate the life of Liam. In the time since Liam’s memorial service, nearly 50 families in this country received the very same news the Witts received four years ago: Your child has cancer – the disease that kills more children in this country than any other. Tomorrow, about 50 more will get that same news, and in an instant those families will learn what is impossible to accept – cancer can impact any child. It happens every day.

So, how can we help these families? How can we improve their odds? How can we save more kids?

Yesterday, surrounded by those who knew Liam best, the answer seemed quite clear to me.

Together, we can honor Liam best by continuing the fight against pediatric cancer.

You don’t have to know lion-hearted Gretchen and Larry Witt to be inspired by their example. After learning that Liam had a 30 percent chance of survival, they focused every spare second they had on increasing support for and funding  of new, less toxic therapies in an unbelievable effort to save Liam’s life and the lives of so many other innocent children.

Yesterday I made a resolution in Liam’s name. I vowed to honor this amazing child and his valiant family by taking specific action to advance pediatric cancer research.

Today I ask that you join me.

I can’t think of a better way to show support not only to Liam’s family but to all families in the fight against pediatric cancer than to get involved.

Yesterday, I called my resolution the “Prince Liam Pledge.” Today, I ask you to join me by vowing, in Liam’s name, that the 50 kids who get his diagnosis today will have a better outcome than he did. Every child deserves it. And there is arguably no better way to honor the bravest person most of us have ever known.

With sincerest thanks,

Bob Woodruff

ABC News Anchor

An update on Liam, the inspiration for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer

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As many of you know, our Brave Prince Liam returned to battle this summer – facing first a high-dose round of chemo, followed yesterday by a long, intense surgery. Liam is the reason for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. As if the horrific diagnosis of pediatric cancer wasn’t enough, his mom and dad found the statistics of pediatric cancer unacceptable. There are too few treatment options, too many damaging side-effects, and too little funding to support treatments that are ready and waiting for all pediatric cancer warriors.

Earlier this week, Liam’s mommy Gretchen wrote in an email, “It’s not a lack of knowledge that’s holding us back which, as a parent, is the most frustrating part. It’s a lack of awareness which leads to a lack of funding.”

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is about raising awareness and raising funding. We’re here to move the needle, move the ball forward, move any of you out there to join our movement to change the scary statistics of pediatric cancer for the better, forever.

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is not about one kid or one kind of cancer. But it is about one source of inspiration – Liam. If you are interested in following Liam’s progress, we invite you to stay updated through our Facebook fan page or the family blog:

Nathaniel – one precious Cookie

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The other day, I went to update our Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Facebook fan page only to be totally distracted by five pictures of the sweetest little boy eating yummy-looking cookies and clearly enjoying every bite. The cute face had my attention but curiosity got the best of me since I did not recognize the name of the woman who posted the images and could not tell if the beautiful little boy was simply enjoying Cookies for Kids’ Cancer cookies or eating leftovers from a bake sale. With no other explanation attached to the pictures, I decided to be nosy and reach out to the poster in hopes of learning more. Sometimes being nosy pays off. . .in response to my note, I received the note below. . .

” I wish I could say that we’d done a bakesale but we haven’t yet. We’re in LA and I can’t think of a good place to hold one, and our schedule is pretty hectic now catching up on all the stuff we didn’t do during Nathaniel’s treatment.

What we did instead of a bake sale was promote Cookies for Kids’ Cancer at a party we had for Nathaniel to celebrate the end of his neuroblastoma treatment and thank everyone who was so supportive throughout it. We wanted to get the word out about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer since lots of our friends have asked for ways to help out. We made up goodie bags for each of the guests at the party, with one of each flavor of the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer cookies and a thank-you note that included the website to order more cookies online.

When we gave them out we told Nathaniel’s story and how impressed we were with the neuroblastoma program at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and let everyone know that they could order cookies and direct the proceeds to that program. Everyone loved the delicious cookies and will hopefully order more for themselves and as gifts now that they know how good they are and what a great cause they support! We had extra bags so we gave those out to my former co-workers and the team my husband is training with for a triathlon that benefits oncology at Children’s Hospital LA, and it sounds like a lot more people will be ordering your cookies online!

I’m from Santa Cruz and grew up eating Pacific Cookie Co. cookies (my dad had a retail store near their original, pre-earthquake store downtown) so I was delighted to find that that’s where you order your cookies from!

We’ll keep getting the word out about your organization and maybe find a way to do a bakesale one of these days!”

My jaw dropped. The beautiful face I saw on our Facebook page is one of a survivor – a little boy only 20 months old who has already faced pediatric cancer. And the yummy cookies the survivor was eating? None other than the cookies we sell right here on our website, year round, in an ongoing effort to raise money to support pediatric cancer research. And why, you might ask, did I not post Nathaniel’s beautiful face on our blog? Well, you are welcome to see him, but you’ll have to go to our Facebook page. And become a fan. Nathaniel’s face is totally worth the effort!

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