Letter from Dana Farber Cancer Institute Proves the Power of a Good Cookie

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The Power of a Good Cookie

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At Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, when we say every single dollar counts, we mean it. The funding we provide for pediatric cancer research is made possible because Good Cookies nationwide (and even in other countries) are joining the fight by doing what they can.

It takes just $100,000 to fund a pediatric cancer research project, and yet 25% of children diagnosed with cancer don’t survive due to lack of funding for more effective, less harmful treatments.

With less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget allocated for pediatric cancers (that’s for ALL pediatric cancers), we can’t progress without support from people like you.

The biggest misconception about donating or fundraising is that a few dollars here and there can’t possibly make a difference. That couldn’t be further from the truth. When you have enough people, even the smallest acts of kindness can make a world of difference. That’s the power of people; that’s Good Cookie Power! Just think about this:

  1. About 850,000 people are expected to attend the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Boston this year. If each one of those people donated  just $1 to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, we could fund 8 new, potentially life-saving pediatric cancer research projects.
  2. An estimated 4.3 million people ride the NYC subway every single day? If each of them donated just $2 (the cost of one subway token/ride) to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, we could fund 86 research projects! ($8.6 million).
  3. Around 35 million people in the U.S. alone tune in for the Oscars each year. If each person tuning in donated just $1 to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, we could fund 350  pediatric cancer research projects.
  4. The Daytona Speedway seats over 165,000. If every person attending the Daytona 500 this Sunday gave JUST $1, we could fund a pediatric cancer research grant. If each gave $150, an average ticket price, 245 grants could be funded.
  5. It costs $180,000 PER HOUR to run Air Force One, and the federal budget allows for practically unlimited use. It costs $100,000 to fund a pediatric cancer research project, yet 25% of kids diagnosed don’t survive due to lack of funding for new treatments. We can’t change Air Force One’s funding, but we CAN help improve pediatric cancer statistics. Host an event, order cookies or donate online. Every dollar counts.

Join the conversation online – @Cookies4kids    #GoodCookiePower

Don’t Bake? No Problem!

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Don’t bake? Don’t have time to host an event?  Maria Potter is proof that you can still make a HUGE difference through a virtual bake sale!

Maria first heard about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer online when she read about the organization’s founder, Gretchen Witt. Like Gretchen, Maria also had a son diagnosed with neuroblastoma at age two.

Inspired by her son, Kasper, getting a healthy report from the doctor, Maria quickly decided to give back by supporting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and pediatric cancer research. She chose to hold the fundraising campaign during May with Mother’s Day right around the corner. She  hoped to celebrate her thankfulness for Kasper’s good health.

“After knowing the horrors of pediatric cancer treatments first hand, I believe I can never rest until there are treatments available to save all children diagnosed,” Maria explained.

With a very tiny kitchen and little time on her hands, Maria decided to set up a giving page titled “Virtual Cookies of Hope”. She set a lofty goal of raising $10,000, hoping to inspire people to give more. Maria was overwhelmed with happiness when she had over 113 donations roll in ranging from $10 to over $2,200, bringing her total to $11,435.

Maria promoted her bake sale through Facebook and e-mails. She wrote letters explaining why she was motivated to make a difference in this organization. At the end of her fundraising campaign, Maria had yet to reach her goal. One quick, last-minute e-mail changed everything: a generous woman donated $2,220 to her giving page!

“I was touched to tears by her stunning generosity, and at the same time, I felt enormous joy to have been able to raise so much money for pediatric cancer research,” said Maria.

A few days later, Maria celebrated Mother’s Day with Kasper. She was extremely thankful for the support of so many generous people who simply wanted to bring HOPE to children like Kasper who battle pediatric cancer.

Interested in hosting your own virtual bake sale? Follow the link to create your own giving page.

New Cookie Flavors Bake a Big Difference

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Two new delicious flavors, “Mint-Night Chocolate” and “Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip“, hit the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer shelves in the last few weeks!

Cookies are always an excellent gift for any occasion, including: birthdays, holidays, thank yous, teacher appreciation days, employee recognition days, and much more! The profits from your purchase will benefit Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and will directly go to fund pediatric cancer research. This gift feels as good to give as it tastes to receive!

Our cookies are carefully packaged in beautiful gift boxes, tied with bright green ribbon, and includes a note explaining Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, the significance of your generosity, and a personal note from you.

To order your cookies today, visit our website here.

Your order will impact the lives of many children battling pediatric cancer. Order today!

The Queen City Reigns

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“If it takes a village to raise a child, it’s going to take the world to find a cure for pediatric cancer.”
In Charlotte, North Carolina, for a few hours on a rainy Sunday in December, it felt as though the whole world came together to bring an end to pediatric cancer, all inspired by one little boy with one big spirit – Grier Christenbury.
A happpy snowman greets Charlotte bake sale guests.

A happpy snowman greets Charlotte bake sale guests.

Grier, a  5 year old Charlotte native, was plunged into the world of pediatric cancer at age 2, when he was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Quickly Grier’s family’s focus shifted from soccer games and school to chemo, radiation, surgery, clinical trials, and most of all, keeping the cancer far, far away from his growing body. And just as quickly, the Christenburys learned of the need for funds for new and improved pediatric cancer treatments. They hoped for new options with fewer long term side effects and risks as well as higher survival rates.
Happy hosts and hungry kids.

Happy hosts and hungry kids.

But hope alone is not enough in the world of pediatric cancer. Hope needs action. So, the Christenburys threw their support to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research. Grier’s mom Amy hosted one of the first Cookies bake sales in 2008 and planned to host another in late 2009. Then Grier was unexpectedly thrown back into battle last fall, and the focus, once again, became keeping the enemy at bay.
Nothing draws a crowd like kids!

Nothing draws a crowd like kids!

When friends in Charlotte asked what they could do to help, Amy answered, “Host a bake sale.” And, did they ever. Four weeks, hundreds of sponsors, one radio interview and two local news features later, Amy’s friend Lesa Helbein and her team of tireless (and sleep deprived) volunteers pulled off the biggest single day bake sale in Cookies for Kids’ Cancer history, raising $15,000 in just 4 hours.
Cookies + Kids + Decorations = Happiness

Cookies + Kids + Decorations = Happiness

The pictures tell the story of the holiday spirit that reigned over the Queen City on that rainy Sunday. Cookies, cupcakes, and kids with smiles greeted Charlotteans who ventured out to support the event, in the end proving that if we all do a little, together it adds up to a lot.
Kids enjoyed climbing on the fire truck.

Kids enjoyed climbing on the fire truck.

Not every bake sale is this big, with this many supporters. But every bake sale – every single one – is crucial to the world of pediatric cancer. Every penny matters, every dollar helps. Rally the people of your village and register your upcoming bake sale today
Just a few of the hundreds of Polka Dots cupcakes!

Just a few of the hundreds of Polka Dots cupcakes!

In one mommy’s words. . .

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Diagnosed April 17th 2007, at the age of 3.5, with NB stage 4.


In the course of two hours we went from having a perfectly healthy, sweet-as-pie, joyous toddler to hearing that he had an aggressive form of cancer and might die. Cancer robbed our child of his softness, his innocence, his curls, and his endurance. It has also revealed some remarkable things. We have a little boy who says “please” and “thank you” as poisons drip into his bloodstream. A little boy who makes the hospital clowns howl with laughter.


And a little boy who learned to read a full 2 years ahead of his peers, by deciphering hospital signs for “operating room,” “radiation,” and “infusion complete.” Throughout 18 months of non-stop treatment, while undergoing pain that neither of his parents would be able to endure, Toby has taught us what it means to live with hope.


To those who want to help:

Before Toby was diagnosed I never gave a thought to children with cancer. My only frame of reference was the strangely bald kids who sometimes appeared in hospital advertising and I always turned my eyes away… it was too painful to think of children suffering. Your willingness to look at our children is the greatest gift I can imagine. Your support and your love give Toby a chance at life. Thank you.



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