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New Cookie Flavors Bake a Big Difference

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Two new delicious flavors, “Mint-Night Chocolate” and “Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip“, hit the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer shelves in the last few weeks!

Cookies are always an excellent gift for any occasion, including: birthdays, holidays, thank yous, teacher appreciation days, employee recognition days, and much more! The profits from your purchase will benefit Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and will directly go to fund pediatric cancer research. This gift feels as good to give as it tastes to receive!

Our cookies are carefully packaged in beautiful gift boxes, tied with bright green ribbon, and includes a note explaining Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, the significance of your generosity, and a personal note from you.

To order your cookies today, visit our website here.

Your order will impact the lives of many children battling pediatric cancer. Order today!

In one mommy’s words. . .

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Diagnosed April 17th 2007, at the age of 3.5, with NB stage 4.


In the course of two hours we went from having a perfectly healthy, sweet-as-pie, joyous toddler to hearing that he had an aggressive form of cancer and might die. Cancer robbed our child of his softness, his innocence, his curls, and his endurance. It has also revealed some remarkable things. We have a little boy who says “please” and “thank you” as poisons drip into his bloodstream. A little boy who makes the hospital clowns howl with laughter.


And a little boy who learned to read a full 2 years ahead of his peers, by deciphering hospital signs for “operating room,” “radiation,” and “infusion complete.” Throughout 18 months of non-stop treatment, while undergoing pain that neither of his parents would be able to endure, Toby has taught us what it means to live with hope.


To those who want to help:

Before Toby was diagnosed I never gave a thought to children with cancer. My only frame of reference was the strangely bald kids who sometimes appeared in hospital advertising and I always turned my eyes away… it was too painful to think of children suffering. Your willingness to look at our children is the greatest gift I can imagine. Your support and your love give Toby a chance at life. Thank you.



New Year’s Resolutions from the heart

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The Polakov family of Calabasas, CA with friends from Malibu High School hosted a December 2009 bake sale. Thank you for being Good Cookies!

The Polakov family of Calabasas, CA with friends from Malibu High School hosted a December 2009 bake sale. Thank you for being Good Cookies!

Are you looking for a New Year’s Resolution? And by resolution, I don’t mean some unattainable, over-the-top goal that lets you down by, oh, next week. I’m talking about a true life change that you can keep up with, even when everything around you is anything but “resolved.” Well if you need an idea, of course, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer would love for you to adopt supporting us as your New Year’s Resolution. . .all you need is to give from the heart. In 2010 you could. . .

Resolve to host ONE bake sale this year! We encourage bake sales 365 days a year. . .Valentine’s Day is a great time to share your love and show your support for pediatric cancer research.

Resolve to send COOKIES for all of life’s special occasions this year! (Look! Even iVillage agrees!)

Resolve to begin a monthly donation to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. A $10/month commitment equals about two coffee drinks per month and adds up to $120 in tax deductible giving per year! That’s what I call a sacrifice that I can live with AND gives life!

Happy New Year! We look forward to many new beginnings in 2010!