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A letter to my son Liam on his 15th birthday…

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Happy Birthday to my one and only Liam –

Today, you should be turning 15 years old. On the cusp of getting your first summer job and of learning to drive, I should be chasing you down in a whole different way than I once did as you slalomed down the sidewalk weaving in and out of people on your beloved orange scooter. You should have spring fever, counting the days to summer and sleeping in. You should be breaking hearts with your charm, irresistibly cute smile, and big dreams for what most certainly would be the brightest future.

Just a few weeks ago, all of your preschool friends made their final decisions about which high school (HIGH SCHOOL) they plan to attend. They were considering if they wanted to focus on art, sciences or sports magnets based on where their interests have taken them. As I heard the flutter of nervousness from their parents and watched reality set in for this new, exciting chapter for your friends, it took my breath away once again that you aren’t here with us, ready to jump into another life adventure.

Even after 8 years, I cannot believe you aren’t here. You are forever 6, nearly 7, and our guitar-playing, cake baking, science loving, scooter-riding boy. I wonder often if by now you would be into race cars or product design, like your dad. Or would you love words and writing like me? I imagine you would love a little of everything we all do. I know beyond a doubt you would take the greatest joy in cheering on your sister as she racks up ribbon upon ribbon for her horseback riding.

On your birthday, what we miss the most is simply YOU. And on this day, we will feel a little sadder than usual. But the promise we made to you – that we would do all we could to make it better for others – is the one we keep all the days of the year. We work to inspire people to Be a Good Cookie – to do something fun to help kids. And we work to make sure the dollars are going to the very best research because you would hold us to that standard of excellence.  And our wish – a birthday wish in your honor – is for every child diagnosed with cancer to reach their 15th birthday…and 16th, 17th, 18th…until they live all their days, living all their dreams.

Each day with you was a gift and forever would have never been enough. So now we are working to give everyone else the gift of time they so desperately deserve.

I love you, Liam. And not a second goes by that Daddy, Ella and I don’t miss you. We love you to the sun, and moon, and all the stars in the universe…and back again.

Love & Kisses,



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