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My parents always encourage me to enjoy where I live and what I am doing, rather than peering over the fence to see if, perhaps, the grass just might be greener on the other side. Bloom where you are planted, they say, pushing me to live in the moment and soak up all the wonder of here-and-now. Never has it been easier to push my roots deeper into the soil than for the past two years right here in the suburbs of Charlotte, NC, while volunteering and eventually working for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

Charlotte, better known as the Queen City, certainly has MORE than an acceptable number of kids battling pediatric cancer. . .because unless that number is zero, there are too many. But we also have an extraordinary number of people who fight – each and every day – to raise funds and awareness for this vicious disease. When I first became involved with Cookies, it seemed only those families with children battling this disease were raising funds. But then, as opportunities like Cookies for Kids’ Cancer became known in the community, individuals from all walks of life started jumping in to get involved.

Women and men. Mothers and fathers. Friends of Warriors. Friends of friends. Even the Mayor of Charlotte is involved. If added up, there must be more than 1,000 individuals in the Charlotte area who have directly supported Cookies for Kids’ Cancer as an organizer, a baker, or a volunteer at an event. Those who simply spread the word or donate must number in the tens of thousands. No doubt, volunteerism reigns in the Queen City. And from that groundswell of support, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer now has the loyalty of many businesses and non-profits in the area.

Just to name a few. . .

Polka Dot Bake Shop, a local gourmet bakery that features incredible cupcakes and cookies, plus super-secret-recipe-absolutely-incredible Sweet Potato Crackers. In addition to the thousands of cupcakes they have donated to local bake sales, this September you can purchase specially packaged sugar cookies from Polka Dot Bake Shop and know that a % of the proceeds will go directly to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

Whatever Crafts, makers of the hip bottle cap necklaces and tournament medallions, is now featuring a Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bottlecap necklace with a portion of the proceeds going to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer as well.

Marnie Jude Foundation and Go, Grier, Go are two local non-profits founded by Warrior Families who hope to find a cure for pediatric cancer sooner rather than later. Both are choosing to support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer as part of their efforts to raise awareness and funds while bringing the community together.

Speedway Children’s Charities is a national non-profit with a local chapter that has partnered with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, offering us opportunities throughout the year to host bake sales at events where thousands of individuals and families will participate, helping us to cast a wider net of support.

Rather than turning away from a problem far too easy to ignore, Charlotte and its residents are rolling up their sleeves and digging deep in an effort to fund the scientists who will someday unearth cures for this horrible disease. It seems in this city, there is always something (or someone) in bloom for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

At Cookies, we love to hear the stories of cities and their residents getting involved in the fight against pediatric cancer. We hope you always share your bake sale stories with us at Cookies. We hope you encouarge your local businesses to support your efforts. And if you have a local bakery that would like to help us celebrate our 2nd Anniversary next month, please email to get the information you need to spread the sweetness in September. No matter where you live or how you can get involved, we hope you will help us sow the seeds for cures.

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