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A Day Off in the life of a Good Cookie

Filed under: childhood cancer research,community fundraising ideas — The Good Cookies @ 5:50 pm May 1, 2011

By Lauren Verlander, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer volunteer

If you could get a day off, what would you do?  Head to the spa,  run towards the mall, hide yourself in the corner of a bookstore and catch up on celebrity gossip magazines? How about getting up while it’s still dark and joining forces with ladies from all over your area to bake thousands of cookies?  That’s what I did last spring on my “day off.”

The day started off a little crazy, but once I managed to correctly use my GPS to navigate the one-way streets of uptown Charlotte, things calmed down.  I live in the suburbs and my SUV gets a little nervous when we venture into the big city.  She and I finally made it to Johnson & Wales, a culinary school that donated kitchen space for our cookie-baking extravaganza, and the fun began.

If you think your house smells good after an afternoon of baking, imagine what three commercial kitchens smell like when their ovens are full of warm cookie dough.  It’s heaven.  My job for the day was to organize all of our volunteers.  Rocking a white hair net and plastic gloves, I was overwhelmed by the flood of women coming through the doors.  They choose to bake on their day off.  And bake we did.

Not only did we bake, we also packaged our cookies into neat little containers, complete with a brown Cookies For Kids Cancer sticker.  By the end of the day we had 10,000 cookies, packaged and ready to be sold at bake sales all over the Charlotte area in coming days.  What a sense of accomplishment.  We made cookies, but we also made friends.  One of the women I met that day ended up being my daughter’s pre-school teacher.  Imagine the comfort I felt knowing my child would be spending her Tuesdays & Thursdays with such a GOOD COOKIE!

What will you do on your next day off?

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