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The Good Cookies at Macaroni Kid

Filed under: Uncategorized — The Good Cookies @ 12:24 pm February 8, 2012

There are no Cookies for Kids’ Cancer supporters quite like Moms.  And last year we were introduced to a unique group of them– a group that is committed to bringing their communities together to make a difference in the lives of families around them.  They are known in their communities as Macaroni Kid Publisher Moms, but we call them Good Cookies.

Publisher Moms all around the country have been supporting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer through hosting events, writing blogposts, and raising awareness about the need for more funding in the world of pediatric cancer research.  They have truly learned what it means to “be a Good Cookie” and they have lived that out this year by raising thousands of dollars for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.
Recently, The Macaroni Kid community of North Phoenix, AZ hosted an event at the Christmas Festival in downtown Carefree.  Publisher Mom, Shana Battles (pictured above) was inspired by Cookies founder Gretchen Holt Witt when she spoke at the Macaroni Kid Meet up in Florida this past October.  Battles rallied 30 additional volunteers to come together with the hope of making a difference.  This first-time bake sale raised nearly $2,000 and these funds will go directly to fund pediatric cancer research.
Another Macaroni Kid Bake Sale took place just a few weeks ago in Cranston/Kent, Rhode Island.  Publisher Mom, Heather Wirtz (pictured above) was inspired to host an event at a local Family Fun Day.  In just 2 hours, they raised almost $900.  Wirtz hopes to make this a semi-annual or annual event in their community.

Just like Macaroni Kid Publisher Moms make great bake sale hosts, we believe bake sale hosts would make fantastic Publisher Moms.  Macaroni Kid creates flexible, work from home business opportunities for entrepreneurial moms. As a Publisher, you dish the scoop each week on the best events and activities for kids and families in your area, including Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Bake Sales.  Macaroni Kid is so much more than an e-newsletter – they are a company created by, inspired by, and built for moms from all walks of life.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it means to be a publisher mom, please visit this link (