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Announcing: Over $1 Million in Grants during September, Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

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CALIFON, NJ, September, 2011 –New Jersey-based Cookies for Kids’ Cancer announces a second round of grants in 2011 for over $1 million to support critical research in the war against pediatric cancer. The funds will go to five top pediatric cancer centers across the country for research that shows great promise in the treatment of childhood cancers.

The current grant cycle released awards for promising research with the strongest chance of making the leap from lab to clinic within the next 24 months. And for the first time ever, the foundation awarded two grants for surgical research. Awards go to five research centers: Texas Children’s Cancer Center, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Today pediatric cancer is the number one disease killer of children under the age of 18 in the U.S. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer’s grants are awarded through the foundation’s Medical Advisory Board which is comprised of top researchers in the field of pediatric cancer from the nation’s leading pediatric cancer research institutions.

“Philanthropy plays a critical and essential role in the ongoing battle against childhood cancer,” commented Dr. John Maris of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a member of the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Medical Advisory Board. “Philanthropic investment in key pediatric cancer research programs will provide the essential catalyst to make more discoveries and move them to improving cure rates as quickly as possible, and a partnership between researchers and ‘investors’ in this mission will be critical to expand in order to make a difference now.”

“Our focus is on funding the most promising research,” Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Founder Gretchen Witt said. “We have always believed that if people learn about the need for funding, they will support the cause. These grants represent the support of thousands of people who have held bake sales and other events, bought cookies and believed, like we do, that we can and will make a difference in the lives of children battling cancer. We are very excited about the possibilities these projects hold and look forward to seeing them move from the lab to the clinic as quickly as possible.”

These grants represent the second of two grant cycles for 2011, bringing the total grants awarded for 2011 to $1,700,000.

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer was founded in 2008 by Gretchen and Larry Witt who were inspired by their son Liam’s courageous battle against pediatric cancer. After learning about the lack of effective therapies, the Witts pledged to support the development of new and less toxic treatments by giving people a simple way to get involved. Through Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, individuals, communities and businesses are inspired to join the fight by hosting bake sales and other events to get involved in pediatric cancer research. Tragically, the Witts’ son Liam came to the end of his four year battle with cancer earlier this year.

About Cookies for Kids’ Cancer:
Today pediatric cancer remains the number one disease killer of children in the United States, due in large part to a lack of funding for research into new and improved therapies. Through the concept of local bake sales and online cookie sales, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer inspires individuals, organizations, and businesses to join in the fight against pediatric cancer by raising the funds and awareness necessary to change the facts of pediatric cancer and provide more families with the hope they deserve. Thousands of bake sales, raising millions of dollars, have been held in 49 states as well as Puerto Rico, Canada and the United Kingdom. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer grants funds to leading pediatric cancer research facilities including Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Texas Children’s Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Center. For more information, visit Follow on Facebook at and Twitter

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is a recognized 501(c)3 public charity duly incorporated. Your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

September’s Good Cookie of the Month – Trisha Shepard

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Each month, we are going to be featuring a“Good Cookie of the Month”. We will ask for nominations on Facebook and do a monthly blog post featuring the winning bake sale host. We wanted to kick off our new blog series by telling you about Trisha Shepard – Good Cookie bake sale host from Austin, TX.

(Trisha is third from the left. Laura is to her left.)

Trisha was the host of the Austin, TX Girls Night Out on September 7, as well as the Austin Family Festival and city wide bake sale. Not only was the event a huge success, she coordinated volunteers to bake and package cookies despite the wildfires and promoted the events.

She heard about Cookies’ and Liam’s story through her sister-in-law, Jennifer, who lives in Richmond, VA. When Liam lost his battle Trisha had been following the Cookies’ story for a while and she felt like she needed to be doing something to make a difference. She knew she needed to become a part of the “Good Cookie” community when she heard there wasn’t enough funding to carry out potentially life saving studies for kid’s cancer. For Trisha, feeling grateful for her own blessings was not enough. At the very least she wanted to host a bake sale, but she ended up doing so much more.

Jennifer asked if Trisha would be interested in a 7,000-cookie donation. Trisha didn’t know exactly how to sell that many cookies, but she wanted to be a part of it. Trisha knew if Liam could battle cancer for 4 years and if Gretchen could fight right along with him, she couldn’t even think twice about the amount of work that would go into such an event. She wanted to prevent the outcome for another child and honor Liam and his impact on the world.

Trisha and her sister-in-law knew they wanted to raise awareness and funds. They also wanted to capture what Cookies’ is all about by holding bake sales. Trisha realized she could do more than just any ordinary bake sale. She realized that every women must have a regular girls night out, right?! Trisha decided to take advantage of that and spruce it up. She tied her two ideas together; she asked people to spend their GNO honoring Cookies’, the families battling pediatric cancer, and raising funds for research. They knew if they offered the same staples of a regular GNO it would be a huge success, and it was!

They also created a family oriented event with the same mission. They wanted to create an event where people would make an effort to bring their families in the midst of a busy week. And most importantly Trisha wanted the event to help people remember Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

Trisha asked people she knew and even some that she didn’t to join in. She eventually gathered a committee of 5 moms who were committed to raising awareness and funds for Cookies’. She posted a call for volunteers on their local People Against Cancer board. Another woman who had been following Liam’s story, Laura McDonough, also contacted Trisha to get involved. Laura became Trisha’s wing woman and it wouldn’t have been a success without her.

It wasn’t an easy breezy path along the way to the big event. The evening before their big baking and packaging day, the neighborhood surrounding the restaurant was being evacuated due to wildfires! The road to the restaurant where they would be baking and packaging was shutdown. But nonetheless the cookies were baked and packaged because volunteers found a way to make it happen.

The GNO ended up being a HUGE success. 96 women attended—all anxious to bid on some of the silent auction packages that were donated by dozens of local businesses. And most of all, they were excited to learn more about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. The family festival and the city wide bake sale were also a success despite competition from other fundraisers that sprung up due to the wildfire damage. All in all these Austin events raised over $25,000!

The takeaway message: anyone can create a big event. Trisha had no idea how she would fit all the planning into her already busy life, but she made it her mission. Make a plan, ask some friends to get on board with you, and it will happen. Thank you Trisha for showing us what can happen when a few passionate moms come together for a great cause!

Don’t Miss: The 2nd Annual Richmond City-Wide Bake Sale

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Cameron McPherson


Richmond, Va. (Sept. 10, 2011) – After raising more than $35,000 in just 20 days in 2010 to become the highest-grossing bake sale in the history of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, Richmond-area organizers are excited to announce the 2011 City-Wide Bake Sale on Saturday, September 10. Proceeds will again benefit Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, a national nonprofit founded by former Richmonder Gretchen Holt Witt that supports research for new and improved therapies for pediatric cancers. Through local bake sales, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer provides the inspiration and support for individuals, communities and businesses to help fight pediatric cancer.

This year, hundreds of adult and youth volunteers, along with scores of local businesses, including the Carytown Merchants Association, CRT/tanaka, Qdoba Mexican Grille, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Hodges Partnership and WINN Transportation will join forces to mount and promote bake sales.

Approximately 27 bake sales in the Richmond metro area will be powered by the donation of 16,000 frozen gourmet cookies from Jacqueline’s Gourmet Cookies in Salem, Mass. Those cookies will be baked and packaged locally by Ashland-based Daystar Desserts.

“Helping others is part of my personal life and I always wanted to make it part of my business,” said John Fernandez, CEO of Daystar Desserts. “This opportunity is a perfect way for us to do that.”

While others enjoy a relaxing holiday, Fernandez and other employees of Daystar Desserts, along with their friends and families, will report to work on Labor Day weekend for a one-day volunteer baking blitz. The thousands of chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia and sugar cookies they bake will help sweeten the pot at the 27 bake sales planned for September 10 in Richmond and every surrounding county. To find the closest bake sale, simply visit and click on “Events.” A full list of Richmond-area bake sale locations is also available at this link:
Carytown an anchor location
Those wishing to support the cause can’t go wrong by heading to Carytown on September 10. Richmond’s “Mile of Style” will once again serve as the anchor location for the Richmond sale. Bake sales will be held from 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at Ellwood Thompsons (featuring their vegan cookies), Dogma, Need Supply Company and a “drive-thru bake sale” at Café Ole, across from the Byrd Theatre.

In addition, ten Carytown merchants will donate ten percent of their profits that day to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, including All Fired Up, AlterNatives, Carytown Cupcakes, Eurotrash, Hip to be Round, Mongrel, Perception Salon, Play N Trade, World of Mirth and The Yarn Lounge.

Other Carytown merchants donating to the 2011 sale include: Basilis, Can Can (contributing 100 percent of cookies sold for dessert), Ciao, Heidi Story, Legends Salon and Day Spa, Merrymaker, Smoothie King, Subway and Venue Skateboards (contributing five percent of sales).
Saks Fifth Avenue and Qdoba give back
Mention “Cookies for Kids’ Cancer” at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Stony Point Fashion Park during a three-day period – Friday, September 9 through Sunday, September 11 – and the retailer will donate 10 percent of each sale to the cause. Similarly, all five Qdoba Mexican Grilles in the Richmond area will contribute $1.50 of every adult entrée with drink and $.50 of every kid’s meal purchased in the name of “Cookies for Kids’ Cancer” between 5 and 8 p.m. on September 10.

Preview event downtown on Friday, September 9
To generate awareness for the “9-10-11” sale and raise additional funds, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer’s first and only “mobile bake sale” – a trolley donated by WINN Transportation in 2010 and 2011 – also will sell cookies downtown from 10:45 a.m. until 3 p.m. at 12th and Main Streets.

Learn more
For the latest on the Richmond’s 2011 city-wide bake sale, go to and search for “Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Richmond – 2011 City-wide Bake Sale.” A Facebook account is not necessary to view event details.

About Cookies for Kids’ Cancer
Cookies for Kids’ Cancer was founded by parents inspired by their son’s fight against cancer. Today pediatric cancer remains the number one disease killer of children in the United States, due in large part to a lack of funding for research into new and improved therapies. Through the concept of local bake sales and online cookie sales, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer inspires individuals, organizations, and businesses to join in the fight against pediatric cancer by raising the funds and awareness necessary to change the facts of pediatric cancer and provide more families with the hope they deserve. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer grants funds raised to leading pediatric cancer research facilities including Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Texas Children’s Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Center. For more information, visit Follow on Facebook at and Twitter


List of all bake sale locations on next page.


• Ellwood Thompsons (baking vegan cookies for the event!), 4 North Thompson Street
• Dogma (Cary at Nansmond), 3501 W. Cary Street
• Need Supply Company (Cary at Belmont), 3100 W. Cary Street
• Café Ole (Drive Thru Bake Sale across from the Byrd Theatre), 2901 W. Cary Street

Carytown merchants donating ten percent of their profits on September 10 to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer:

All Fired Up
Carytown Cupcakes
Hip to be Round
Perception Salon
Play N Trade
World of Mirth
The Yarn Lounge

Other Carytown merchants donating to the 2011 sale include:

Can Can (contributing 100 percent of cookies sold for dessert)
Heidi Story
Legends Salon and Day Spa
Smoothie King
Venue Skateboards (contributing five percent of sales)

• Lakeside Farmers Market, 6110 Lakeside Avenue
• Linwood Holton Elementary, 1600 W. Laburnum Road
• Mechanicsville Walgreens (10-2 p.m.), 9268 Chamberlayne Road

• Chester Kroger (9-12 p.m.), 12201 S. Chalkley Road
• Ring Around the Rosy Consignment Sale, 10185 Hull Street (at Courthouse)
• Wal Mart at Hancock Village, 14501 Hancock Village Street
• Lowe’s at Chesterfield Towne Center, 1512 West Koger Center Drive
• Robious Middle School – FC Richmond Soccer (8-2 p.m.), 2701 Robious Crossing Drive
• Music & Arts at the Steinmart Festival Shopping Center, 9712 Midlothian Turnpike
• QDOBA** at Chesterfield Towne Center, 11500 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond (5-8 pm only)
• Saks Fifth Avenue at Stony Point Fashion Park: Mention “Cookies for Kids’ Cancer” on Friday, September 9 through Sunday, September 11 and 10% of your purchase goes to this cause.

West End
• Short Pump Wal-Mart, 11400 West Broad Street
• Five Below at Short Pump (10-2 p.m.), 11331 West Broad Street
• Ice Cream Castle (1-4 p.m.), 3016-A Mountain Road
• Two QDOBAS**: Willow lawn, 4925 W. Broad St and 9460 W. Broad Street (5-8 pm only)

East End
• QDOBA** in White Oak Village, 4501 S. Laburnum Avenue (5-8 pm only)

*Most locations will be selling cookies from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., unless otherwise noted.
**All QDOBA locations listed will contribute $1.50 of every adult entrée with drink and $.50 of every kid’s meal purchased in the name of “Cookies for Kids’ Cancer” between 5 and 8 p.m. on September 10.

2nd Annual Charlotte’s “30 Days for a Cure”

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Here it is – the official calendar of events supporting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer during Charlotte’s 2nd Annual 30 Days for a Cure, the city’s awe-inspiring movement to raise the profile on the need for funds for new pediatric cancer treatments during Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.

Don't miss an opportunity to be a Good Cookie!

The complete list:
“30 Days For A Cure” 2011 Calendar
9/1 The Pizza Peel (Cotswold)
9/2 Polka Dot Bake Shop (Woodlawn Rd)
9/3Reid’s Fine Foods (Selwyn Ave)
9/4@Blackhawk Hardware‎ (Park Rd)
9/5 Which Wich – Charlotte (Woodlawn Rd)
9/6Alphabet Soup Monogramming and Gift Boutique (Colony Rd)
9/7Mama Fu’s Charlotte (Cotswold)
9/8 Moe’s Charlotte-( East Blvd)
9/9 Smoothie King – Dilworth (East Blvd)
9/10kixx – cool shoes for kids (Woodlawn Rd) & HOUGH HIGH SCHOOL Soccer Tournament
9/11Painting with a Twist – Charlotte, NC (Sharon Rd)
9/12Chick-fil-A SouthPark Mall
9/13Mr K’s Soft Ice Cream (South Blvd)
9/14T. Reid and Company (East Blvd)
9/15 City Art Works (Woodlawn Rd)
9/16 Qdoba- ALL 10 Store Locations
9/17 Green With Envy (Central Ave)
9/18 Monkey Joe’s Park Road (Woodlawn Rd)
9/19 East Boulevard Bar & Grill
9/20 Menchie’s Charlotte (Kenilworth Commons) (East Blvd)
9/21 Mellow Mushroom Myers Park- Charlotte (Selwyn Ave)
9/22 Lebowski’s Grill and Pub (East Blvd)
9/23 Omega Sports- Park Road Shopping Center
9/24 Doolittles Charlotte- “Locks of Love” (Sharon Road )
9/25 California Pizza Kitchen-( Southpark)
9/26 The Cowfish (Southpark)
9/27 Yours Truly knitting & Ben& Jerry’s (Woodlawn Rd)
9/28 Black Forest Books & Toys- NEW LOCATION on 7th Street
9/29 Fran’s Filling Station
9/30 The Flying Biscuit Cafe Charlotte (Park Rd)

Organized by two top volunteers in Charlotte, 30 Days gives everyone in the area the opportunity to make a difference for kids battling pediatric cancer. Print the calendar. And keep up with all the latest news on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Guest blog: Why I support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and how you can help.

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Hi my name is Ruby Roxanne Agresta. I am a Mother of three beautiful kids and Owner/Designer of Ruby Roxanne Designs. I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Gretchen Holt Witt speak at an event called “Mamma’s Night Out.” The event was put on by my friends Michelle Riddle (Michelle Riddle Photography) and Cara Pearson (Pacific Cookie Company) here in Santa Cruz, CA. Michelle came up with an idea to help raise money for Cookies for Kids Cancer, and not only was it a blast, but it was for a great cause and very successful.

Gretchen flew in from New Jersey to speak about her son Liam who passed away last January from Nueroblastoma at the tender age of 6. She told us wonderful stories about Liam’s passion for life and how he loved everyone he met. His favorite color was orange and he was such a brave little boy. I have to say that there was not a dry eye in the crowd. The words that stuck deep in my heart were “Love, Like, Liam” I knew I had to get involved and help raise money to support pediatric cancer research. It broke my heart to no end, knowing how Liam did not have many options to fight his cancer all due to funding. Did you just read what I wrote: “No Funding.” So, as I sat there and listened to Gretchen share her story and her mission with her non-profit foundation, Cookies for Kids Cancer, all I could think was, “This must change.” I didn’t know what I was going to do, but for one thing, I wasn’t just going to sit around and wait. Michelle and Cara inspired me that one idea can create a wonderful change.

All the Mom’s who attended this event were given an Orange bead on a string to represent Liam, then we could all choose other colors of beads to represent our own kids. I thought to myself, tonight is about Liam and I did not add anymore beads. Gretchen had given Michelle and Cara an Orange beaded bracelet that had three L’s on it, to represent Love, Like, Liam. It was so touching. I didn’t realize how much the color Orange meant to Liam and Gretchen.

Being a designer, I thought to myself, I am going to send Gretchen a

cuff to show my support to her cause. Not just any cuff, I decided to design a cuff with beautiful Orange flowers on it. Every Mom deserves flowers!

After the event I wore Liam’s Orange beaded bracelet until it finally broke off two months later. I put the orange bead in my jewelry box to remind everyday of little Liam, and how important it was for me to find a way to help raise money. I thought I’d start by designing Gretchen’s bracelet. I found different shades of orange leather and made her a flower cuff. I included two gold flowers to represent Liam and her daughter Ella. Everything I design MUST have a meaning…this cuff has been the most important design I have done.

I posted a picture of Gretchen’s cuff on my Facebook Business Page and tagged her in it. I was going to keep this gift private but then I thought, why not show my followers this cuff, and use it as an opportunity to share how much Gretchen’s story had meant to me. I simply wanted to make them aware of Cookies for Kids Cancer, but then something incredible happened. Several women wanted that same cuff. Then an idea was born–I decided to come up with a line of cuffs just for Liam and Cookies for Kids Cancer. Knowing what I know now, I simply can’t walk away. I am blessed that my kids are cancer free, however kids cancer has affected me immensely. For those of you reading this whose child is cancer free, thank God. For those of you who are reading this whose child has cancer, my hope is that we can all ban

d together and contribute, in even the smallest amounts, to the funding for children’s research, to ensure that help is on the way for your little angel.

Here is my story with cancer:

On November 13, 2008 I had a play date planned with my daughter Madison and her best friend Cassidy. While I don’t typically recall our scheduled play dates for years to come, this is one I will never forget. On the night of Nov 12th, a friend of mine called to let me know that Cassidy and her mom would not be able to make the play date because her little brother Ashton Gillin had been rushed to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford due to the discovery of a brain tumor.

My heart just sank. I had just been with Ashton and my friend, Dori, painting faces for our girl’s Halloween class party. I still remember Ashton playing in his adorable pirate costume. As I hung up the phone I felt completely helpless. I didn’t know what to do, how to help, or who to call. I just sat there and cried. I could only imagine what my friend Dori and her husband Pat were going through.

Ashton was diagnosed with MEDULLOBLASTOMA at the young age of 3 ½. He underwent emergency surgery to remove a large tumor from his brain. There were also signs of additional tumors in his brain and spine that surgery would not help. Ashton went through chemotherapy and radiation treatment to get rid of the remaining cancer cells. The good news is that Ashton is cancer free at the age of 6. The not-so-good news is that Ashton will experience negative, LIFE LONG side effects from his surgery and treatments. At 6 years old, he is the size of a 4 year old boy. He has gained the mobility on the left side of his body that had been lost during the surgery he underwent to remove his brain tumor. Trust me, we all are grateful to have Ashton, however with funding there will be safer treatments to offer children without negative side effects.

His Mom, Dori, is proud to say that Ashton is almost running again. Running isn’t something we take for granted. They are also faced with the fact that Ashton’s cancer has a 50% chance of coming back. An even more startling fact, is that if Ashton’s cancer were to return, chances for a cure is not possible and it would be fatal.

Dori and I want to reach out to as many people as possible, to share the importance, and dire need, of funding for children’s cancer research. Dori and Pat are allowing me to share their story about Ashton’s cancer, in hopes that we can help spread the word. Not only could funding and continued research help to increase little Ashton’s odds of staying cancer free, but it could help the hundreds of children with similar stories each year.

We understand that it is difficult and unsettling to read stories about children who have been affected by cancer, and that sometimes it is just easier to look away and avoid the harsh reality and devastation that cancer brings to so many young children, every day. However, our hope is that after reading Ashton’s story, you are more inclined than ever to help make a difference by donating to Cookies for Kids Cancer.

When I see Ashton he runs up to me and gives me the biggest kiss. He calls me his princess, and let me tell you this warms my heart to no end. Aston also mentioned to my husband that he wants to marry me. I just love this little boy so much and want to make sure he has a safe future, Ashton deserves it. I may not be able to bake, but I can design and that is just what I am going to do to help raise money for research!

In Honor of Liam Witt:

My children Devin, Madison, Isabella and I came up with a design for Liam’s cuff, and a name that we are all very proud of… “The Liam’s Heart of Gold Collection.” I will be selling these cuffs on my website and I am donating 50% of my sales from this line to Cookies for Kids Cancer. If I run out of Orange leather, then I will find more and continue in my efforts to help support the raising of funds for Pediatric cancer research. These beautiful children who are affected by cancer need more options and better survival rates.

Cancer can hit anyone at anytime, no matter the color of your skin, your age or your background. Cancer has also taken away my best friend of 20 years, Pietra Duffy. She passed away a few weeks after Liam on February 2nd, 2011. I designed a line of cuffs (Peetie Love Cuffs) to represent our friendship and my love for her. She really liked the large heart. She fought Non-Smoker lung cancer for a year and I was there for her every step of the way. Pietra left behind a loving husband Shawn, a wonderful son Spencer and a beautiful daughter Savannah.

Through my designs, my love for Peetie is known. My children and I wanted to create the same for Gretchen and Larry Witt to exemplify their love for their son Liam. My kids have lost their Auntie Peetie and adore little Ashton. They want to do all they can to help raise money too. We will never get the chance to hold our loved ones again, but we would be so honored to see you with a cuff on to show your support for our cause.

Cancer is not going away and I don’t want these families affected by cancer to feel hopeless. With our support they will have more options for cancer treatments that won’t include life-long side effects. Help me better the chances for Ashton and so many other children with cancer.

This is a quote from Gretchen Holt “On this odyssey, we have learned that pediatric cancer robs families of more children than any other disease. We learned about the vast disparity between funding for pediatric cancer and other cancers. We learned of the lack of interest on the part of pharmaceutical companies to invest research and development dollars in treatments and cures. And after we learned all of these shocking facts, we decided to do something about it. Together we can make a difference. Together we can improve children’s odds, children like my son who I love more than anything.”

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and now is the perfect time to get educated, get involved, help donate and save a child’s life. This investment will have a great return!

Host a bake sale, Cookies for Kids cancer has all the information to help you make it successful. Maybe you are a designer like me, have a trunk show and donate portions of your sales. The sky is the limit on how you can help, just please don’t turn away, even $1.00 can go a long way! I thank you for your time and for reading my story.

I want to give a special “Thank You” to Michelle Riddle who took our fabulous pictures and to Cara Pearson for donating the cookies for our photo shoot. I also want to “Thank” Shannon Hughes from, for helping me with writing this blog. She is getting ready to move to Japan and yet made time to help me out and my cause!

Lastly I want to “Thank” Dori, Pat and my little Prince, Ashton Gillin, for letting me share their personal story. I love you Ashton!

Love, Like, Liam,

Ruby R. Agresta

Ruby’s website link:

Ruby’s Etsy Shop featuring Liam’s Heart of Gold Collection link: