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The complete package

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As you are sitting around waiting, mouth watering, for your order from Cookies for Kids’ Cancer to arrive at your doorstep, don’t think for a second you’ll be getting just a package of cookies zip-tied in cellophane like you find in the cookie aisle any old day at the grocery store.

On the contrary, your cookie delivery experience will be quite different from opening a bag of vanilla wafers. When you receive your gourmet holiday cookies, inside your outer shipping box will be a brown kraft box, tied with a beautiful green grosgrain ribbon. Once the ribbon is untied, opening the kraft box reveals a dozen gourmet cookies, packaged in a cellophane tube, sealed with a Cookies for Kids’ Cancer logo sticker and nestled safely in crinkle packing paper.

You aren’t just receiving cookies from Cookies. . .you are receiving a gift package, hand selected by the founders Cookies with the help of the amazing people at Uline – our official shipping supply company and employer of one of CFKC’s best cookies – Katie Iannacchino.

Not only did Katie (aka the Uline Angel) and the great support of Uline make last year’s Great Holiday Cookie Sale a packaging success, they helped make the Lord & Taylor cookie sale a hit with cool packagine and are supporting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer again with beautiful supplies for this year’s cookie sale.

But the story of Uline does not stop with pretty packaging. . .the Allentown, PA office of Uline recently held their own Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bake sale. In just a few hours of cookie sales, Uline employees raised $345 to donate to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Every item was priced at a dollar but many gave more – just to give to the cause.

The pictures tell the story of the Uline event – the poster announcing the bake sale, the donation jar and goodies, the pictures of Liam that bring to life the real kid behind this extraordinary movement and of course, the people at Uline, making a donation in exchange for baked goods. . . Uline isn’t just a sponsor for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer – Uline brings the logo to life, makes your gift a thing of beauty and simply cheers Cookies on in every sense of the word. Uline doesn’t just provide materials. . .Uline is the complete package.

Cookie Magazine

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Guess what magazine thinks Cookies for Kids’ Cancer rocks? Well, you probably guessed it from the blog title but I’ll say it with gusto anyway. . .Cookie Magazine!

Not only is Cookie an official sponsor of Cookies for Kid’s Cancer, they think Gretchen and Larry, founders of CFKC and parents of Liam (aka Prince Liam the Brave), are experts enough to be named December’s “Parents of Invention,” a column highlighting parents who are doing more than simply surviving parenthood – they are working to make a difference in the world.

Click the link below to read why Gretchen and Larry are not taking pediatric cancer sitting down as well as what their favorite moments with Liam and Ella are. . .

And if the article gets you hungry to do more, just come on back to to order holiday cookies for yourself or a loved one and learn the easy steps to hosting your own bake sale.

Cookies for Santa

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Santa Claus and some GOOD COOKIES

Santa Claus and some GOOD COOKIES

For as long as children have listened for reindeer on the roof, Santa Claus has known if children are naughty or nice, exactly what they want for Christmas and how to make a Christmas wish come true. And after all those years of practice, Santa Claus also knows a good cookie when he sees one. . .
In Davidson, NC, during the first weekend in December, Santa saw an entire troop of good cookies, also known as the sweet Brownie Troop 2388, selling cookies and cider for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. The spirited girls of Troop 2388 baked and sold cookies as well as donating and selling cider for the three-day festival known as Christmas in Davidson, raising $1000 for their time and effort.
Every good cookie in that Brownie troop have amazing wish lists this holiday season, including one big wish to help find a cure for pediatric cancers, which happens to be the exact hope of everyone here at Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. This holiday season, we hope you will add finding a cure to pediatric cancer to your wish list. Santa took notice of the girls in Davidson – he will surely notice you.

There is still time to fulfill the cookie dreams of those on your list while helping us fulfill our dream of bringing new treatments to children fighting cancer. Order from our online Great Holiday Cookie Sale, through Saturday, December 20th.

Need a Gift Idea? Try our Cookies. . .

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Need a gift idea? How about three?

1. There’s Liam’s Lemon Sugar Cookies. . . a dozen cookies of sugary-lemony-perfection.

2. There’s Oatmeal Raisin. . . a dozen of the favorite, with the plumpest raisins ever.

3. And there’s Chocolate Chip. . . a dozen of the classic, chewy and substantial.

The variety of flavors featured in this year’s Great Holiday Cookie Sale are just three of the reasons you should buy our cookies this year for your hard-to-buy-for boss or your sweet-tooth sister. Our cookies feel as good to give as they taste to eat. Why? Because more than 75% of the donation goes directly to funding promising new research for pediatric cancers – a terribly underfunded group of cancers, attacking the youngest among us, our children. Plus, since you are buying a delicious gift from a 501(c)3 non-profit, your gift is tax-deductible.

So, if you need a gift idea this holiday season, go for the gift that keeps on giving. . .to your loved ones and to the children with cancer who, this year, wish for nothing more than the gift of hope this holiday season.

We’re getting noticed. . .

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And we want you to notice, too! As word spreads about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, we’ll be sure to tell you, our most loyal readers and supporters, what’s happening, where we are getting attention and how you can help spread the word.


This week, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is getting featured in two online spaces. First, the blog for reminds about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bake sales to raise money for pediatric cancer research as well as announcing our 2nd Annual Great Holiday Cookie Sale. Click on the link to see what they say. . .if you have time, leave a comment of support and encouragement for readers of Food and Wine!


We’ve also received a coveted spot on the Big City Moms Blog 2008 Holiday Gift Guide. When you click on the charity option, up pops a picture of a dozen of our cookie sale cookies. . .followed by a sweet message encouraging gift-givers to be a good cookie and give our gourmet cookies!


Spread the word about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer’s mission to change the scary statistics of pediatric cancer by telling your friends, sending emails and especially by purchasing the gift of cookies through our Great Holiday Cookie Sale. . .it’s a great way to be a good cookie.