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10 Tips For A Successful Bake Sale

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For our first post, we want to share the top 10 tips for a holding a successful bake sale according to Jackie Plant. Jackie Plant is currently the Food and Nutrition Director at Woman’s Day magazine. Previously she was the senior food editor at Parents Magazine. She livesin New Jersey with her husband, daughter and two puppies. Jackie raised over $3,000 at her most recent bake sale in honor of Liam in just a matter of a few hours!

1. Signage Counts: Make plenty of signs. Use white boards with a strong colorful font. Keep the message short. Attach some signs to wooden sticks (paint sticks work great) for hand held attraction.

2. Set a Table: Cover tables with colorful tablecloths. Use cake stands to give height to cupcakes or bar cookies. Show treats on plastic colored trays (Target has cool colors). Flowers in metal cans add a nice touch.

3. Pop-up a Tent (or Umbrella): Keep your baked goods and sales force from melting under the heat of the sun or dripping wet with rain.

4. Hot or Cold Beverage: If budgets permit, put out a free box of Joe (coffee) with cups, milk, and sugar. It’s all part of the giving spirit.

5. Small Change: Have plenty of small bills to make change. Also, put one person in charge of collecting and holding onto the money.

6. Give a Cheer: If your bake sale is set up in a high traffic area, get some kids (with parental supervision) to carry buckets with signs just for cash donations. Create a cheer for the kids to sing out—“Cookies for a Cure, Help Beat Children’s Cancer”.

7. The Price is Right: Don’t under price. People aren’t looking for a deal as much as wanting to make a contribution.

8. Customize: No time to bake, no problem. Go to the supermarket and pick up ready-made cupcakes. For a homemade look, just roll the sides of the frosting in colorful sprinkles. Or shake confectioners’ sugar over a batch of bakery brownies: any of these will do quite nicely, Variety is also important. Try to include cookies, cupcakes, cakes, (whole and sliced), bar cookies, no-bake fudge, crispy rice treats, or bags of popcorn.

9. Decorative Designs: Add a Bit of Bling to the treats that you’re selling. Sprinkles, candy pieces, colored sugar will brighten up any baked goods.

10. A Sincere Thank You: Look every person who contributes in the eye and thank him or her from the bottom of your heart for supporting yourCookiesfor Kids’ Cancer bake sale.



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